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Spanish company offers high quality chestnut flour and is looking for distributors or agents

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Spanish company produces quality chestnut flour that is characterised by its intense aroma, soft texture and sweet taste. Its products are protected by a seal of guarantee. This product is for human consumption. Commercial agents and distributors are sought to purchase or distribute this product.



The Spanish company is situated in a region recognised for the quality and prestige of its agri-food products. The company was established in 2017 and founded by an experienced team. The product offered is chestnut flour.
First, the company performs a process of dehydration and peeling of chestnuts in which incorporates the latest technological innovations (a modern dehydrator with three levels controlled by computing). This is completely eco-friendly and guarantees the preservation of all the fruit qualities.
Then, they use a natural stone mill to grind dry chestnut. A slow milling and the unique quality of the special stone of the mill guarantee that the flour does not overheat during the process keeping all the organoleptic properties. The final product is sifted.
The company policy is offering to the customers a high-quality, healthy and safe product, at a suitable price, fulfilling commitments in time and adapting to their needs.
Chestnut flour is full of flavour and nutritional benefits. A real contribution to people’s health and the environment.
The company wants to expand its markets in foreign countries and is looking for importers, distributors interested in selling chestnut flour under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
The importers and distributors are expected to have the knowledge of the local markets.

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- Chestnut flour is a free gluten product appropriated for celiac diets. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, too. - Chestnut flour is very suitable for the manufacture of pastry and cake products. - Due to its nutritional characteristics it is used in special diets: the elderly, children, athletes and people with some deficiency of nutritional status. - It is used as sauces thickener due to its high absorption capacity. - Proven quality and healthy effect of the products. - The company works under sustainable and fair.

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The company is looking for manufacturers of gluten-free or general food products interested in purchasing chestnut flour or companies that want to distribute the product on the local market under a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250