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Spanish company offers integral engineering services for on-board IoT(Internet of Things) public transport projects under services agreement

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A Spanish company offers an integral engineering service for on-board IoT (Internet of Things) public transport projects which includes design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The company is looking for services agreement.



Currently, in many countries around the world, public transportation is being improved by incorporating on-board public transport systems within the framework of IoT (Internet of Things) / smart cities projects.

In this context, the Spanish engineering company was born in 2011 focused on IoT (Internet of Things) services for public transportation through on-board systems.

The company offers the following equipment/services for public transport:

-Fare collection systems, access control and fare media for passenger transport.

-Geopositioning: Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) tracking, control and security for transports.

-Passenger information: Dynamic information displays and Real Time Passenger Information Systems (RTPI).

-Security: Video surveillance installation and configuration of integral CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems and installation and configuration of access control systems.

-Telephony: Mobility, configuration, assembly, integration and maintenance of fixed telephony systems
(conventional and voice over IP), base stations, cellular telephony, satellite telephony, etc.

The Spanish company offers an integral service that covers all the project phases:

-Engineering: Designing, planning and execution of system engineering for public transport IoT (Internet of Things) projects and on-board equipment.

-Implementation/Installation: Implementation and installation of CAD(Computer-aided design) /AVL(Automatic Vehicle Location) equipment and fare collection systems on bus, train, metro and other transport modes.

-Technical audit services / maintenance: Fleet vehicles and on-board systems analysis and maintenance.

-Technical support and laboratory: Manufacturing and repair service for hardware equipment (on-board systems, intelligent picking, equipment,…).

The company is looking to develop its international network of partners (mainly other engineering companies that are into public tenders regarding intelligent transport) through services agreement.

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-Integral service that covers all the IoT (Internet of Things) projects public transportation process from the design to the maintenance service. -Wide experience in engineering analysis and implementation of on-board equipment and systems for transport operators whose fleets exceed 1.000 vehicles. -Wide international experience with projects in countries such as USA, UK, France, Sweden, Poland, …

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The company is looking for other engineering companies that are in need of expertise regarding IoT projects public transport in order to bid on public tenders in this field. The Spanish company will provide all its expertise in this field under a services agreement.