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Spanish company offers its handcrafted luxury brass lamp under manufacturing agreements

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A Spanish handcraft manufacturer of metal artisan decorative and furniture items has developed a luxury brass lamp that can be switched on by just touching any part of it (except on the bulb). The company is looking for manufacturing agreements.



The Spanish company was founded in 2015 by artisans that have been working in the metal decorative and furniture sector since the 80s and currently are working with some of the most renowned architects, decorators and luxury furniture stores in Spain.

One of the company most successful development has been a luxury brass lamp that can be switched on by just touching any part of it (except on the bulb). It presents the following features:

-Manufactured in varnished glossy brass.
-Two types of finishes: Tinged and artisan aged.
-Three lighting levels.
-Equipped with an incandescent and adjustable Edison bulb.

The company is looking for expanding its international business. Because of that, the company is looking for international partners (architects, interior designers, etc.) in need of this kind of luxury ornamental and functional items for their design projects. The Spanish company will manufacture and customize the lamps under manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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-Unlike other lamps in the market that are switched on with a regular switch, the one developed by the Spanish company switches on/off and regulates by just touching on any part of it (except on the bulb) so it is easier to activate and more innovative. -Customizable: The lamp can be manufactured according to the partner needs regarding size and even design. -Each lamp has an identification plate with the date of manufacture, number and the artisan signature in order to reinforce the product exclusivity.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for international partners with experience in the luxury furniture and decoration sectors such as architects, interior designers, and luxury furniture stores. The role of the partner sought is to incorporate the Spanish company luxury lamps to their design and architecture projects. The kind of partnership sought is manufacturing agreement (the Spanish company will manufacture the lamps according to the partners needs for each specific project)