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Spanish company offers mobile survey technologies applied to roads for assessment of transport infrastructures.

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A Spanish company working in mobile mapping for road infrastructures offers mobile surveys for generating traffic signs, pavement markings and street lights detailed inventories including its visibility assessment and performance. The company is looking for services and commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Spanish technology company which main aim is to develop and exploit the mobile survey technologies has developed a technology that provides an accurate and repeatable measurement of retroreflectivity of pavement markings lines and symbols, through mobile nighttime surveys at traffic speed (it is no necessary close lanes). The system can measure in one pass both lines of the lane the vehicle drives through as well as any symbols located between those lines. Its high accurate GPS and the computer vision algorithms developed can position accurately every type of line and symbols, so that not only an assessment of the retroreflectivity is provided but also a detailed inventory of the pavement marking. This technology can control all factors of influence in pavement marking retroreflectivity, particularly the vehicle dynamics. The accuracy of the system is not affected by the type of driving as its transversal range of measurement is large enough so that any particular driving requirement is avoided.

Furthermore, this solution is the only technology capable of measuring the retroreflectivity of traffic signs with the same accuracy tan handheld devices but at traffic speed without having to close lanes to the traffic. In one pass the system can identify and measure every post-mounted or gantry sign up to a three lane carriageway. The technology generates a detailed and complete traffic sign inventory that can be integrated into any Geographic information systems (GIS) or any other road asset management platform. The solution developed by this company provide the retroreflectivity for every colour, sign position (GPS and milestone), sign national code, sign size and sign offset to the carriageway edge.

Finally, the services provided by this company apply the most advanced mobile mapping technology in order to provide 360ᵒ videos of any linear transport infrastructure with high resolution cameras. Thus any relevant aspect of the assets can be visualized without the need of performing any in situ visit to the infrastructure. From the video, and due to the positioning technology of the system, this technology can inventory and geo-reference any asset that is visible from the camera, including its size, geometry and any other attribute that can be assessed from the image.

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The advanced integration in a mobile platform of different technologies allows providing detailed road asset inventories together with the measurement of its retroreflectivity and visibility. This integral solution is an essential tool in order to optimize maintenance costs through the use of objective data in the decision making process. The main features of this innovative technology can be summarized as follows: • Mobile system for road assets data acquisition • Without lane closures • Traffic speed operation • Detailed georeferenced inventories (error< 1m) • Data integration into GIS platforms • Accurate retroreflectivity measurements • Flexible data visualization It is important to mention that this technology has been validated and certified at Texas Transportation institute (United States).

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The partner searched is a company involved in the field of road infrastructure, highways agencies and private motorway operators, interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a services agreement.

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