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A Spanish company offers a satellite based, real-time detection of forest fires with reduction of CO2 emissions under license agreement

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The Spanish company has a patented detection system of outbreaks of unusual heat in forests.Once detected these outbreaks automatically give notice to the competent authority by providing information such as latitude, longitude with both physical and political maps containing different extensions to locate the best access to the fire. Currently nobody offers such a system. This company is offering system service under license agreements during 12 months, with the possibility of extension.



The patented system is based on thermal satellite-detection software that uses physical and political maps that indicate the exact position of the hot spot of the possible fire. This technology
provides, with exceptional precision, the latitude, longitude, time home and later exact extension surface burned as well as the type of vegetation that is expressed in percentages directly to the
competent authority.
The potential applications of this technology is based on 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year detection of outbreaks of forest fire or agricultural burn hot spots. Furthermore, the use of this technology contributes to the improvement of the surrounding environment by reducing hours of fire forest hence reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. According to the latest research between 30% and 50% of such emissions are caused by forest fires. This technology is a novel and innovative product, currently no one offers a service of this type or to countries or communities or municipalities. These are the contacts the company is interested in making to offer their services under license agreement, offering the potential partner to increase their results improving their technologies.

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The company uses satellite technology of high resolution that provides greater precision than any other similar product on the market. Fire hot-spots are detected and Geo-located within 20m2. The exact percentage of each vegetation species is also detected providing highly valuable information that helps determine the potential growth and movement of an active forest fire. This technology also counts on up to 1 year of photographic back up that provides an essential resource when studying causes of forest fires. Finally, the perimeter of burned land is calculated with maximum precision. Other advantages include the reduction of surface burned and less deforestation, reduction of CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore, an important contribution to environmental conservation.

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The company is interested in offering their services to following partners: official bodies such as government agencies, communities or municipalities, countries,etc. Also environmental associations, fire corporations or private companies. In the following activity sectors: environment and biodiversity, ecology, etc.