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Spanish company producing black and golden garlic is looking for distributors.

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A Spanish company specialized in the production, selection and packaging of onion, garlic and potatos is looking for distributers in Europe. The company is interested in expanding into new markets especially for its most valuable product: black and golden garlic, which has beneficial properties for health. The potential partner should have experience in the gourmet market, where this kind of product is highly demanded.



Spanish company specialized in the production, selection and packaging of onion, garlic and potatos.
After several decades of experience they have achieved high quality standards, with the aim of offering the best products to consumers. Quality is under control from its cropping until its packaging thus for offering the highest level of alimentary security for its final consumers.
The main goal of the company is to introduce a new product with incredible healthy properties in Europe, focussing in the gourmet market.
The company is already present in France and United Kingdom.
Other available products:
Onions: spring onion, onion bulk, red onion, white onion.
The company has the collective quality brand "Cebolla de La Mancha" (Onion from La Mancha region) which distinguish and diferenciates the better properties of the onions from this region.
Garlic: "Ajo morado" (purple garlic), spring white garlic, spring violet garlic, black garlic.
Gourmet products: Black and golden garlic.
The company is looking for distributors interested in traditional products and gourmet products for its black and golden garlic. A long term cooperation is considered in order to establish a strong partnership.

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Black Garlic Properties: - Cancer Protection and Cholesterol Benefits. - Reduces risk of osteoarthritis. - Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties. - Improving cardiovascular health and circulation. The company is currently working on an expansion project of plant and machinery. Expansion into new markets, taking into account new trends in packaging of products, demonstrating the spirit of desire for growth of the company. For the onions they have the collective quality brand "Cebolla de la Mancha" (Onion from la Mancha)

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Already on the market

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The potential partner should have experience in the agroalimentary sector, preferably with a developed clients portfolio in the gourmet market.