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A Spanish company producing canned seafood made from fresh local hake, cuttlefish and albacore seeks agents or distributors.

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The Spanish company is focused on getting fresh high quality fish from Cantabrian Sea and processing it into preserved fish. They are currenty working with three different fish species: albacore, cuttlefish and European hake. They are the very first company which manage to produce high quality canned fish from line caught European hake in Spain. The company is looking for agents or distributors abroad.



The SME was stablished in 2015 by two northern Spain brothers. After a tough R&D process they started their production and sale in 2018.
Canned fish is a traditional industry deeply rooted in northern Spain. The company wants to enter in this sector by innovating in both, products and processes.
They have successfully applied modern cooking techniques, such as vacuum and low temperature cooking. And through this innovation they have managed to be the first company to elaborate high quality preserved canned fish from line caught European hake.
Their gourmet products include:
- European Hake Cheeks in Olive Oil
- European Hake Loins with Olive Oil
- European Hake in Green Sauce
- Cuttlefish In Its Own Ink
- Albacore With Onion And Green Pepper
- Albacore In Tomato Sauce
- Albacore Tarantello In Olive Oil
- Albacore Belly In Olive Oil
They are looking for agents and/or distributors to export their products abroad to begin their international expansion.

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White fish flesh is very delicate, therefore is not being used in canned industry. The SME has developed a particular elaboration process that allows them to use this kind of fish keeping all its properties. This process, based in vacuum and low temperature cooking, is also used to produce their albacore recipes (blue fish). These modern techniques are specially efective when applied to the most delicate parts, such as "ventresca" (belly).

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The SME is looking for a committed and experienced partner in importing and distributing gourmet / high quality agrofood products. The company is searching for partnerships worldwide, within distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. Potential business partners would be distributors and/or agents for HoReCa (hotels, restaurants) and/or retail channels. Although the company would like to reach gourmet establishments, they are willing to discuss other options with potential partners.