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Spanish company seeks agents for its precision medicine software

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A Spanish medical device (software) company has developed a precision medicine platform, helping healthcare providers manage imaging and genomic data effectively for precision medicine applications at the point of care. The system integrates medical imaging VNA -PACS-RIS, digital pathology (DICOM WSI), clinical genomics (NGS-VCF) and pharmacogenomics. Commercial agency agreements are sought.



The Spanish company is a privately held healthcare IT – computational bioinformatics company founded in 2005 that helps healthcare providers manage imaging and genomic data effectively for precision medicine applications at the point of care and software for medical equipments. A patient focused enterprise clinical content platform with built in diagnostic and workflow tools that drives continuity of care, reduces care gaps and ensures early initiation of preventative care.
Improving health outcomes by enabling a seamless connection between disparate technologies and data. Healthcare delivery organizations (HDO- Healthcare Delivery Organizations) are ramping up their investments in genomics sequencing technologies, multimodal radiology, and digital pathology, both to support their clinical-care mission and to further research in personalized medicine.
The tests, devices and systems from this activity produce terabytes and often petabytes of structured and unstructured data, from DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine ) and non-DICOM images and videos, to metadata, and textual reports. That data has to be stored, integrated, and processed on a platform that allows search, visualization, annotation, and collaboration, in order to be useful for clinical and research purposes.
Until now, HDOs relied on individual stand-alone systems (PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) Digital Pathology, BioInformatics, Pharmacogenomic, and Analytics tools) to manage all that data. With The company Systems Platform clinicians and researchers in HDOs can finally leverage a unified and modular system that:
•Integrates all those silos of information for precise diagnostics
•Provides a unified 360º view of the patient, with all the required tools (zoom, pan, annotate, compare, measure, graph, etc.)
•Is accessible from any Web browser without the need to install “client” software (zero-footprint)
•Is unrestricted by user or device licenses, making it ideal for large institutions and integrated delivery networks
•Can be installed both on-premises and in the cloud
•Is Open Source
Via the following modules:
•Multimodal Radiology (PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) -RIS (Radiology Information System ))
•Digital Pathology
•“Split” for secure cloud healthcare data-

It is a company with offices in Madrid (Spain), European headquarters in Valencia (Spain), and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and United States of America. The company has already been deployed activities in 12 countries, at some of the world's largest healthcare networks .The company has distributors in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. It has local presence in Brazil, Colombia, Australia, and the USA.

It is interested in exporting its medical software to European markets. is looking for agents with existing sales in national healthcare markets and good contacts to clinics and hospitals, particularly oncology departments.

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Vendor Neutral Open Source Multidisciplinary team collaboration Tumor board management Reporting Visualization Applied to medical imaging and genomics Dashboards Zero-footprint On-premise, in cloud, or hybrid (containers) Multi-language Multi-device (responsive design, browser interface) Roles Patient clinical data portal Modular Secure According to Study 1: JPI 2018 Improved efficiency with time savings in oncology (-53%), radiology (-12%) and surgery (-8%). According to Study 2: SKCC 2018 Glass slide requests from the department slide archive and an off-site surgery center showed a 93% and 97% decrease, respectively. 5-year $1.3 million savings. Surgical resection cases showed a 1-day decrease in Turn Around Time. According to Study 3: UPMC 2014 5-years, total cost savings estimated at $12.4 million for an institution with 219 000 annual accessions. Improved pathologist productivity by at least 13%. Reduction of incorrect treatment by $5.4 million. These calculations were based on annual over and under treatment costs for breast cancer and melanoma estimated to be approximately $26 000 and $11 000/case, respectively, and extrapolated to $21 500/case for other cancer types.

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It is interested in exporting its medical software to European markets. It is looking for agents having a good knowledge of their own internal healthcare markets, and direct contacts with clinics and hospitals (particularly oncology centers).

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251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom