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Spanish company seeks technologies for neurological rehabilitation

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Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
Neurology, Brain Research
Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
Sensors & Wireless products
Therapeutic services
Electromedical and medical equipment
Safety for the elderly
Cognitive aid
Patient rehabilitation & training
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A Spanish clinic specialised in helping stroke patients to recover mobility and daily living abilities has developed an innovative gym where stroke patients can work to improve mobility. The company is seeking innovative technologies to help patients with neurological injuries to recover independence in two ways, whether improving mobility or cognitive abilities. They are looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.



A Spanish SME is specialised in helping patients with neurological injuries to recover mobility and independence. The company has an innovative clinic, designed like a gym, with more than 250 sqm and equipped with the most advanced technology in rehabilitation.

The company is seeking new technologies to be tried and applied in its clinic, as well as partnership for the development of new products, equipment and solutions addressed to patients with stroke and other neurological diseases. For that purpose, the company is looking for developers of neurological rehabilitation technologies in order to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.

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The sought partner should have high specialisation in development of technologies for neurological rehabilitation. In addition, it is advisable that the partner has experience in international cooperation.

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought: SMEs, research centers, universities, patients’ associations, public entities, hospitals. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Development of technologies for neurological rehabilitation. - Task to be performed: Adaptation or design and development of rehabilitation solutions applied to patients with neurological issues, according to the company’s specifications.