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Spanish company specialised in custom solutions on web development, apps and system engineering offers its services as a subcontractor.

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Computer Software
Building Automation Software
ERP - Electronic Resources Planning
CRM - Customer relationship Management
Operation Planning and Scheduler System
Systems software
Database and file management
Program development tools/languages
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The Spanish IT company specialises in the integral development of applications and customised solutions such as web and mobile applications, systems maintenance, administration of services in the cloud, IT engineering, data mining, digital services, consulting and training. The company is offering its services through subcontracting agreement.



The Spanish company designs and develops custom applications, content managers, responsive websites or virtual stores, among other solutions, that solve the problems and needs of its customers. The company has more than 170 clients in more than 350 projects.

The wide range of services offered include:

• Systems engineering – DevOps. Migration to cloud end-to-end, high-availability and reliability in the cloud and dedicated servers, 24x7 monitoring, alarms, system integration, containers, faster and stable operations applying infrastructure as code.

• Web development. Tailor-made applications, back-offices, CMS (customer management systems), responsive webs, e-commerce sites, ERPs (enterprise resource planning), etc.

• Mobile development. Native applications for iOS and Android with a rich mobile UI (user interface) and attention to detail for better user engagement, using Javascript, Vue and React to reduce cost and accelerate the time to market.

• Data mining. Algorithms design and maintenance, application of machine learning, predictive analytics, patterns and images recognition.

• Digital services. Modern and robust API (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kit) development, business processes automation, SLOs/KPI (service-level objective / key performance indicator) design, monitoring and reporting.

• Consultancy and training. Technical consulting and strategic support in digital transformation programs. Technical audits and training programs provided by domain experts.

The stack of programming languages and applications includes Django, Django Rest Framework (WS), Python, Javascript, React, React Native, Go, Kubernetes / Docker, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Digital Ocean, Tensor Flow, Keras, Spacy, Numpy, Pandas, R, NLTK, Statsmodel, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, scikit-learn.

The technology infrastructure expertise is based on Kubernetes / Docker, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Digital Ocean and Hetzner servers, among others.

The Spanish provider is interested in identifying international business partners for concluding subcontracting services and broaden its client’s international portfolio.

The company is looking for new partners across Europe to form mutually beneficial long-term business relationships, and provide its advanced technical expertise to find solutions for interesting and challenging problems. Its primary mission is to help businesses and organizations gain access to advanced technology solutions and harness their benefits to ensure growth and prosperity.

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The company believes that open source and unarmed truth are the most profitable choices in the long term, relying on transparency, flexibility, reliability. The company uses open source technologies and the cloud magic to provide lean, robust and easy to maintain solutions for companies all over the world. The company provides the source code to its clients, offering mainly open source solutions and architectures – no vendor lock-in solutions, being the customer part of the team, and providing all the information about the project: hours, documentation, tickets, etc. The team is qualified staff, mostly senior IT engineers, and is organized around 3 areas of expertise: • Data & Artificial Intelligence • Site Reliability Engineering / Systems • Development Therefore, the flat and agile structure, with low administrative overheads, is oriented towards efficiency, speed, scalability and maximizing the total value delivered.

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Already on the market

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The company would like to conclude subcontracting agreements with international partners who have specific IT needs and are interested in customised software related packages. The industry of the partner sought is mainly businesses in fintech, energy, mobility, health and tourism. The company is looking for partners from the public or private sectors. The target audience is international businesses that require customised software development services and a reliable technical partner. Partners will provide detailed information about the specifications and feature requirements of the solutions required. The potential partners are expected to actively cooperate with the company during the discovery phase to uncover all business needs and create a solid foundation for software projects.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500