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Spanish company specialised in custom web applications offers development solutions for SMEs, freelancers and large companies for subcontracting.

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Spanish specialised developer SME offers an innovative open-source framework that allows applications to be full scalable, flexible and extremely extensible. This framework provides essential support to take efficient and effective actions in each stage of custom web applications development. This solution is a wide-ranging tool that offers great potential opportunities in many sectors. The partnership agreement is sought in terms of subcontracting.



Spanish software developer company offers an open source tool that makes life easier for companies and specially programmers.

The main objective of the framework is to offer a tool containing all functionalities and features that are needed when creating a project from scratch such as when a company needs to make a software to connect with various systems, save data in its database, obtain reports, share information, have a record of everything that is happening, include caching system, add security and permissions to access data, etc.

The tool already has all the functionalities so the user does not have to waste time searching for these technologies and integrating them into a single system.
All this saves time for programmers and therefore for companies, since they do not have to waste time searching for which technologies fit better with others, nor how they can integrate them, nor in studying how they work, since in the framework documentation explains how to perform these functionalities with many examples.

The tool does not focus on any specific sector, since it can be used to create software of all kinds, as it can work on private servers, or in the cloud Moreover it also works with Windows, Linux and mac operating systems. Additionally, the tool is responsive, it works perfectly on devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, smartwatch, etc.

Furthermore, the tool is constantly improved offering more functionalities and being updated to new market requirements allowing companies do not have to waste resources on it.

Focused on the company business growth strategy, the cooperation type envisaged is subcontracting, in order to deliver to the destination service provider a long-term agreement to ensure that all services are well structured and operating correctly.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The open source framework or tool has several differences from traditional frameworks that are used by most companies nowadays. The approach is very different, since the tool do not create the pieces so that the others assemble to make a big project. It fits pieces of different technologies to directly offer a complete tool for programmers and companies. Offering everything they need to build applications and be able to focus on the functional of these applications, without worrying about anything other than the features that clients requires, and not in the tools that will be used to create these features. Tool’s main features are detailed below: 1.- The weight of the framework is minimal, thereby that large servers are not needed to be able to deploy it. 2.- It allows to document the code easily and intuitively. 3.- It provides flexibility to make compatible with any additional library and/or frameworks. 4.- It uses latest generation technologies and languages. 5.- It allows to create APIs in a very simple and fast way. 6.- It is intended to be a scalable system from scratch. 7.- It has an exhaustive system of logs or messages to know exactly what is happening at all times. 8.- It allows an easy secure and management access to each API in a simple but robust way. 9.- It offers and communicates all the necessary tools to create an application from scratch without being afraid of which technologies have to be used. Simply, when the user need something, they already have the tool to do it without needing to search for it and integrate it with the rest of the code.

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Already on the market

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Partners that have programming teams and need a tool which offers all necessary functionalities to create a customized software with all the features already integrated, allowing them focusing on making applications that meet their client’s requirements or their own business model rather than devoting time to search spread technologies and features.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500