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Spanish company, specialised in developing thermographic solutions and applications for industry and research, is looking for partners for concluding distribution service agreements or commercial agency agreements.

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Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
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Spanish technological engineering company with wide experience in sensor integrations, data acquisition, process automation and machine vision, offers their thermographic solutions and applications for continuous monitoring of industrial critical equipment and processes. The company is looking for commercial partners willing to collaborate under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



Spanish technological engineering company with more than 20 years of experience in sensor integration, data acquisition, process automation, machine vision and big data & artificial intelligence. They are specialized in providing thermographic engineering solutions to industry and research.

Main experience in:

•Data acquisition: electrical measurements, measurements of physical parameters, integration of sensors, integrations of instruments, test automations, communications.
•Machine vision: process monitoring and control, automatic detection of defects, colours and shapes, dimensional control, noncontact temperature measurement.
•Big Data & artificial intelligence: machine learning, statistics, database systems, self-learning machine vision based on historical data, identification of complex patterns within huge volumes of data for precise prediction of defects and automatic adjustment of parameters, extraction of valuable information for process and product optimization.

This company develops their own software solutions integrating third parties hardware. Within their thermographic solutions are included a family of products that integrates in a single platform, multiple combinations of thermographic sensors, image management software, and additional elements to build up a complete thermographic monitoring solution adapted to the needs of each particular application.

These solutions provide an unattended monitoring system for production processes and critical equipment by infrared thermography, detecting possible overheating that could lead to manufacturing errors or failures in fundamental equipment for the development of the activity.

The main applications where these thermographic solutions can be useful are:
•Remote monitoring of electrical substations and electronics (thermographic analysis of component).
•Process control and critical equipment monitoring.
•Monitoring of spontaneous combustions, detection of leaks in installations and optical gas inspection.
•PC application for programming and monitoring.
•Heliostats calibration and monitoring in solar thermal power plants.
•Infrared thermography for predictive maintenance.
•In-line thermography assisted by collaborative robotics.

Moreover, it is possible to register regions of interest (ROI), record their temporal evolution, program a recording of images or videos with radiometric data, configure alarms and use the appropriate protocol with the system of process control.

The main industrials sectors for which these solutions are focused are: stamping and forging, iron and steel industry, aerospace industry, food industry, tanks levels, automotive, energy, process industry, data centers, fire prevention.

The company, established also in Mexico since 2012, now is looking to expand his international business development by looking international partners willing to collaborate under distribution services agreement or commercial agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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Unlike other solutions on the market, the combination of a wide range of thermographic sensors with development of specific thermographic software applications offers completely adaptable and personalised solutions to the client’s needs: •Different software applications for cameras programming and images management both at the factory or remotely, by cable or wireless, for one or multiple cameras. •Controlling with several cameras: programming and control of up to 16 cameras simultaneously, it allows to combine different camera models, independent configuration of parameters for each camera, chronological record of events, and generation of absolute alarms, by time or by gradient. •Benefits with one camera: advanced region of interests (ROIs) programming masks, post-processing tools for recorded images, “unique file” option for high speed recordings, image delta function for complex detections, cabling cabinets. •Mobile or tablet functions: data alarms, visualization of images of intelligent sensors AxV and FC-R, ROIs on screen with indication of alarms levels, isotherms, graphics, zoom function, change of palette •Autonomous camera programming function. •Consult data from anywhere: access to images of the cameras from a web browser. •Process images whenever you want: off-line processing of videos and radiometric images, conversion of various formats to radiometric PNG, allows you to apply multiple tools on the images recorded.

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This Spanish company is looking for international partners with a good network of industrial clients and engineering based companies, willing to collaborate under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The partner sought must have experience with clients working on the following industrial sectors: stamping and forging, iron and steel industry, aerospace industry, food industry, automotive, energy, process industry. The role of the partner sought is to commercialise these solutions within his area of influence to industrial clients who are looking for these kind of thermographic solutions or want to integrate them in their industrial processes.