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A Spanish company specialized in "fiber optic to home" engineering offers its services to German partners through subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

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Local area networks
Network test, monitoring and support equipment
Other data communications
Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


A Spanish engineering company which provides services in design and deployment of fiber optic networks (fiber optic to home FTTH) is looking to partner with telecom operators, installers and engineering companies in Germany through subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.



The company, based in Spain, currently employs 200 people, of which approximately 75% hold degrees in different fields of engineering. The regular clients include the main multinational telecom corporations.

The services offered can be divided in the following main areas: telecom engineering, electricity and efficiency, renewable energies, industrial engineering, architecture and construction engineering, agri-food engineering.

The company is capable to provide big volumes and become a reliable partner for operators/installers carrying out ambitious roll out plans in this field. Its engineering services include: network backbone design, distribution network design, GIS load and inventory, quality review and control, as built drawings, site survey, permits, etc.

The company has been one of the main players in this sector in Spain during the last decade (over 9 million homes). Based on this expertise, since 2017, the company is expanding its activity in different European countries and the German market is currently a priority. Therefore, the firm is looking to partner with telecom operators, installers and engineering companies in Germany through subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.

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• Solid experience working for main operators in different countries. That allows the company to work with most GIS tools in the market, according to the customers’ procedures and preference. • Flexibility and adaptation to clients' needs • Capability to deliver big volumes. The company agrees with its clients a ramp up plan. After three months, it can reach 40.000 premises per month. • Quality control (QC) assurance in all processes for both designing and surveying on site tasks • Competitive prices. Wages and social costs are cheaper in Spain than in central European countries.

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Subcontracting or outsourcing agreement are expected with the following type of partners: • Telecom operators: most preferred type of potential partner. Main operators in Germany have ambitious FTTH networks roll out plans. The company can be a reliable partner dealing with designing tasks. • Installers: sometimes the telecom operators have agreements with installers that provide turn-key solutions. Those installers would normally externalise the designing task. • Engineering companies: the company could also cooperate with other engineering companies that have a need of experienced engineers or don't count enough teams to deliver big volumes.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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