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Spanish company specialized in the field of energy efficiency audits and control of energy costs for large buildings is looking for partners in European countries and Latin America

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Spanish engineering company specialized in energy efficiency consultancy is looking for European and Latin American partners, through a joint venture. The partners sought should be engineering companies specialized in energy efficiency solutions and installations wishing to offer this audit service to its customers. The Spanish company offers an innovative service of energy efficiency audit together with control and monitoring addressed to large buildings.



This is a Spanish engineering company specialized in energy efficiency consultancy. It carries out energy efficiency diagnoses and audits for energy optimization.

Through the energy diagnose it checks the client’s facilities situation and energy consumption of the equipment, can optimize the energy contract and can prescribe energy efficiency measures and renewable energies helping reduce or minimize energy consumption cost.

The company’s main service, the energy audit, provides a complete energy analysis; it offers a technical and economical viability study of the possible measures, a detailed inventory of equipment and prioritized action plan, an energy efficiency project and a financial plan. The company can also help the client manage any possible efficiency subsidy which may apply.
This energy efficiency audit is complemented by a control and monitoring service, which includes a building management system or a process supervision system to control the energy consumption. Energy consumption data is compiled and analyzed. The company provides financial analysis which help validate the profitability and amortization of the investment. The monitoring service is carried out through a supervision and optimization software.

The services are addressed to SMEs or companies managing large buildings with big energy consumption:
- Hotels, elderly residences, hospitals and health centers, schools, sports facilities (of private management)
- Public administration buildings and facilities: street lightning
- Industrial companies, especially those with big energy consumption.

The company has wide experience in the Spanish market, not only at regional level, but also nationwide. The company is made of a multidisciplinary team with a high technical profile: engineers, technicians, sales people, highly specialized in energy efficiency; they carry out ongoing technical training to be up to date with any new innovation in their field.

The company has customers in various sectors: hotels, elderly residences, health centers, manufacturing companies (mainly in ceramic tile sector, food industry and paper sector). It usually accesses those clients directly, with no intermediaries. However, it also cooperates with architects and other specifiers or partners who can recommend its services to building companies, for example, for energy efficient measures in the refurbishment of buildings. It can offer made to measure services, specifically to cover any customer needs.

To access international markets the company is looking to set up a joint-venture with an engineering company specialized in energy efficiency solutions. This partner company would complement its own portfolio of services with the energy audits and monitoring and control services offered by the Spanish company. This is the best option, since as a service they cannot provide it worldwide directly from Spain, but with the assistance of a partner in each specific market. This partner will have experience and a good customer portfolio. The partners will offer then these new services to customers in the sector of large buildings with high energy consumption.

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The audit, control and monitoring services allow a detailed knowledge of energy consumption, therefore allowing exact determination and quantification of energy measures to be carried out. It allows adjustment and optimization in the process of energy hiring. Renewal of equipment with renewable energy proposals. Environmental improvement for the company (energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions) Technical and economical analysis, to organize the implementation of the measures according to amortization period Constant surveillance of energy consumption through specified software. Big reduction of energy costs, a big part in the general company costs. Made to measure services, adaptable to different customer’s needs.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for a partner which can give it access to new clients and set up a joint venture. This partner should be an engineering company, maybe specialized in energy efficiency solutions and installations, which cannot carry out audits or monitoring and control services. The Spanish company would complement the foreign company offer of services with this audit and monitoring services. The Spanish company would allow the partner to offer its own energy efficiency measures and installations after the audit. One of the key requirements of the foreign partner will be that it has wide experience in the field and good access to potential customers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250