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Spanish company, specialized in the production and distribution of skylights and acrylic domes, seeks commercial agents or distributors in Europe

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The Spanish company is specialized in the production and distribution of skylights, acrylic domes, and fixed rooflights. These products provide solutions to take advantage of natural light sources and are able to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The company is seeking commercial agents with knowledge of the building industry or an agreement with exclusive approved distributors in these countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Greece.



This Spanish company is a benchmark in natural sunlight systems. Their skylights and domes provide a better distribution of sunlight and have high standards of durability and resistance. Their logistics, storage and technology centers are an example of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Their products are tailored for any specific building in terms of size, model or features: industrial warehouses, schools, offices, shopping malls, terraced houses, pedestrian crossings… This allows for a perfect distribution of light and energy savings.

They have developed a wide range of products such as:

-Opening skylights: could be optionally fitted with different systems which allow ventilation, access to the roof or smoke exhaust. The most commonly used operable systems are electric opening, manual crank and spindle opening with remote control. These skylights also feature an electric opening and a switchboard with a rain and wind sensor. This sensor can control the closing of the skylight by being adjusted to the wind or rain intensity.

-Domes: Made of cast or extruded methacrylate, they come in clear or opal sheet. The domes feature high impact resistance (17 times higher than glass).Their ice white color used during their manufacturing process allows for a light diffusion which prevents the concentration of solar rays that would impede a clear vision.

The company is looking for a long lasting commercial agreement with distributors and agents in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Greece. The multi-portfolio commercial agent with contacts and knowledge of the building industry could be freelance. An agreement with approved distributors would guarantee the exclusivity of their products in each country’s market.

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-Takes advantage of natural light sources by allowing it to go through the skylight for a better distribution of sunlight. -Thermal and acoustic insulation. High quality materials are used to ensure warmth and coolness stay in and noise stays out. -Energy efficiency. Being able to use natural sunlight for more hours will reduce the electricity consumption. -High production output. 33000 square foot production center. -The skylights allow the installation of systems such as: air ventilation, smoke exhausts rain and wind sensors, thermal and electromagnetic fuses or remote control. -Excellent customer service. Over 40 years in the market of skylights and acrylic domes. Fully meets the quality expectations of their clients, from SMEs to large size companies. -International experience. The company has a well-known reputation in the Spanish market and has international experience, especially in Maghreb. The company participates in different international fairs in the construction field such as Batimatec Casablanca, Construmat Barcelona, Batimat Paris, etc.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for a multi-portfolio commercial agent with knowledge of the building industry, as well as an agreement with exclusive approved distributors in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Greece. The agents or distributors should have contacts and experience in supplying to construction companies. The partners should support company's market entry and be in charge of client relationships in their respective countries. The company is looking for partners under a commercial agreement who can represent the product abroad.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia