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Spanish company specialized in the production of wood for smoked food, bbq and grilled food is looking for distributors

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Spanish company specialized in the production of wood to smoke food products with added value for the use of barbecues and grilled food. Packaged for distribution in household and restaurant packaging. It’s looking for distributors in European, Arab and American countries, focused on the large surfaces, specialized in barbecue stores and the catering sector.



The company is based in Valencia, founded in 1959 with the aim of developing and marketing forest products and their derivatives. Nowadays, the company is specializes in firewood, charcoal and products in general.
During the last decade, the company has increased in terms of innovation and has been involved in the development of new products to create added value.
The catalog of products includes the following:
- Olive firewood splinters.
- Orange, Oak olm and Quebracho + smoke.
- My Paella Kit.
- Orange, Oak Olm and Quebracho + smoke.
- Oak and beech woods wraps.
- Orange, Oak Olm, Quebracho firewood splinters.
- Gourmet firewood olive
- Aromatic pellet.
The company is interested in the European, Arab and American markets; It’s looking for distributors in order to include their products in large surfaces, supermarkets and restaurants.

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The products are validated throught tests carried out by professional chefs in the use of culinary aromatic fumes, with the most avant-garde techniques in the discipline. The company adopts the concept of the “ Trees are life” closely linked in working with natural products that allowe a sustainability of the planet. They currently have a plant nursery as a plantation in which the wood is extracted and subsequently marketed.

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The company seeks partners that have a good level of knowledge of their national sector of barbacue products and in the catering sector with the aim of establishing agreements and long-term experiences in transnational cooperation. Specifically , it’s looking for distributors to spread their products in the European , American and Arab markets. In reference to the Arab , they are able to adapt their products to the market and distribution process.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250