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A Spanish company well-positioned in the agricultural and plant nutrition market requires producers of biofertilizers or biostimulants based on microorganisms for manufacturing or distribution agreements.

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A Spanish company manufacturing and commercializing fertilizers, biofertilizers, biostimulants and plant nutrition enhancers and stimulants, with more than 35 years of experience in the agricultural market and presence in international markets, requires producers of microbial-based products for enhancing plant’s health and nutrition, under manufacturing or distribution agreements.



This is a Spanish group of companies with more than 35 years of experience in the agricultural sector, with a presence in several international markets. It is specialized in the research and development of formulations, and in the manufacturing and commercializing of nutritional products for agriculture.

The product range of the company includes fertilizers, biostimulants, amendments, deficiency correctors, special products, fruiting solutions. The company provides farmers with a wide range of solutions suitable for all types of crops: intensive (horticultural, citrus, fruit, etc.) and extensive (cereals, industrial crops, etc.) and green spaces.

The company has a strong position in the Spanish market with a dense and well-established commercial network. The company is also present in the international market, thanks to the agreements reached with distribution partners in 12 countries.

The company is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so it has a wide catalogue of zero chemical waste products, which are beneficial for the environment and applicable for both, conventional and ecological / organic farming.

With the aim of further developing the environmentally friendly agricultural segment in the Spanish market, the company wants to distribute new and innovative products. Therefore, the Spanish company is looking for European companies or organizations that can produce biofertilizers and/or biostimulants based on microorganisms. To this end, the potential partner shall be in possession of a catalogue of microorganisms fully developed and dully registered.

Primarily, the Spanish company wishes to conduct a manufacturing agreement with a partner able to produce and supply agricultural nutrients (biofertilizers, biostimulants) based on microorganisms complying with, or ready to comply with, the EU organic farming regulations and standards.

Alternatively, the Spanish company is willing to negotiate a distribution agreement with companies manufacturing microbial-based plant biostimulants or biofertilizers, by incorporating the potential partner’s products in the Spanish company’s catalogue under a co-branding scheme, with the aim of benefiting from the position of the Spanish company’s brand in the domestic market.

The Spanish company has the capacity to offer the required support for a successful market introduction: transport and logistics, end-users training, aftersales support, etc.

If the partnership agreement proves successful, the strategy Spanish company envisions expanding the cooperation with the potential partner to other plant care agricultural products, such as biopesticides or biofungicides.

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Requirements of the product sought: The Spanish Company is looking for products based on micro-organisms or their extracts that can be used for: - Biological nitrogen fixation - Phosphorus or potassium solubilization - Iron solubilization - Promotion of plant growth (PGPR) - Antagonism to other micro-organisms - Resistance to stress factors - Increased water and nutrient uptake Requirements of the organization sought: The Spanish Company is looking for organisations that can: Demonstrate industrial reputation: the potential partner shall be an experienced organization applying micro-organisms biotechnology to the development and production of biostimulants, biofertilizers or other plant nutritional enhancers. Prove the efficiency of the product developed and the microorganism and biotechnology used: the partner shall make available information/reports demonstrating the performance of the product or the microorganisms in use, in terms of plant nutrition stimulation: scientific publications, laboratory tests and analysis conducted, etc. Verify their products have no environmentally harmful effects: the partner shall provide evidence for demonstrating the products have beneficial or neutral effects on the environment and 0 chemical waste. Show it is in possession of catalogued and registered microorganisms.

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Manufacturing agreement: Type of partner sought: a company/organization that can develop and produce biofertilizers/biostimulants for agriculture based on microorganisms. Role of partner sought: manufacturing and supplying the products required by the Spanish company. Distribution agreement: Type of partner sought: a company/organisation producing and/or commercializing biofertilizers/biostimulants for agriculture based on microorganisms. Role of partner sought: provide the products required by the Spanish company and cooperate with the Spanish company to operate the distribution under a co-branding scheme.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500