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Spanish company which manufactures a device to attach ski poles to chairlifts seeks distributors

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This new Spanish company manufactures and sells an invention for the ski sector. It consists of a plastic device to hang the ski poles to the chairlift during the chairlift ride. Therefore, it allows the skier to be hands free during the ride, prevents the ski poles from falling and avoid falls when getting on/off the chairlift. They are looking for distributors in the ski sector in Europe and other countries: ski equipment shops, ski rental shops and ski schools at ski resorts.



This is a Spanish company devoted to the conception, design and manufacturing of unique accessories to make sports practice easier for users, especially in the winter sports sector.
They have developed a device, a plastic clip, used to attach ski poles to the chairlift security bar during the chairlift ride. The product has recently been launched to the market (since January 2019)
This accessory is made of a mixture of polymers, it is flexible, very light and it can be adapted to all ski poles in the market regardless of their thickness (from 13mm to 19mm). It is also compatible to any chairlift security bar and does not interfere with the skiing activity.
It allows the user to hook and unhook the ski poles to the chairlifts security bar with a simple gesture made from the handle.
This new product makes a change in the skier’s experience, mainly because it allows the user to be hands-free during the chairlift ride: the skier can take pictures, use mobile phone, adjust ski equipment, clean goggles, check out trail maps, apply sun cream or simply just relax.
Besides, there is an important security issue when carrying ski poles on the chairlift, because of poles falling or skiers tripping over when getting on/off the lift. This accessory prevents those from happening.
The company is looking for distributors for its products in the ski and snow sector in Europe and third countries. These distributors can be any of the following types: wholesalers / retailers of ski equipment, ski rental shops, ski schools at ski resorts.
The wholesalers and retailers are expected to on-sell the product to skiers, whereas rental shops and ski schools will add this product to their poles in order to improve their client’s experience.

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- It improves the skier experience since having hands free allows different activities: take pictures, use mobile phone, adjust ski equipment, clean goggles, apply sun cream or just relax. - It helps security, since it prevents the dropping of poles and consequent hazard of those dropped poles to other skiers. At the same time, it prevents from losing them. - Universal accessory, it adapts to any ski pole in the market and any chairlift security bar.

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The company is looking for distributors in the field of ski equipment. Those distributors can be either wholesalers or retailer of ski equipment (skis, snowboards, ski clothing and accessories). The final customer those will target will be mainly amateur skiers. Another type of potential distributor for its product can be ski rental shops and ski schools. These are expected to buy the product in bulk quantities and will attach it to the ski poles that they will rent / use for ski lessons. Therefore they will provide their clients (amateur skiers) with improved ski poles for a better experience when using the chairlifts.

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