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Spanish confectionary manufacturer interested in distribution and manufacturing agreements with enterprises based in Portugal and Israel to export their products

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Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
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It is a company based in Gran Canaria (Spain) since 1941, with wide experience at local level. They also operate in Spain (mainland) and they are present in different markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. They are searching for distribution services agreement firstly and manufacturing agreement with Portugal and/or Israel based companies.



The company was founded in March 31st, 1941, thanks to the association of different factories that were operating independently since 1927. It was consolidated in the Canarian market along its first history decades. After that, the company started to sell its products both in the Iberian Peninsula and different countries across Europe and Africa. From the very beginning, it has always bet on continuous scaling and renewal of its product range. Therefore, starting with coffee roasting and the manufacturing of products like chocolate, cocoa powder and wafers, candies and biscuits were incorporated later. By adding new technologies to its production processes and the commitment with the production manufacturing quality, the company achieved a position of leadership inside its natural market in the Canary Islands, as well as taking its products to the export markets knowledge.
Their products include a wide range, including over 100 Stock Keeping Units (products’ references):
1.Wafer: crunchy wafer filled with different creams and dipped in creamy chocolate
2.Chocolate: from the classic milk chocolate and whole almonds, with nuts, fruity filled, with creams and different flavor fillings, high cocoa percent and no added sugar
3.Coffee: large selection of ground natural or mixture coffees from Arabic selections.
4.Biscuits: brand new cookies made with whole wheat flour, rye and fruits, a source of iron and vitamin; “Chocogalletas”, a bar with creamy chocolate with crunchy biscuit.
5.Cocoa: hot chocolate and instant cocoa for breakfast or snack.
6.Candies: hard, soft, sour fruit, menthol, fruity filled and cream candies
7.Fruit paste: two flavors: quince and guava paste
8.Jams: different flavors: strawberry, peach, bitter orange, pineapple, raspberry, guava. Also diet confitures.
They’ve launched a full brand new range of biscuits to satisfy the needs of all consumers, combining their traditional chocolates with the most innovative recipes, with different kind of flours and adding new exciting elements as pieces of real fruit, most of them enriched with vitamins which makes them most convenient for consumers of all ages. A new range of no added sugar biscuits will be launched soon, they will be a perfect snack at a very low-calorie content. Their chocolate bar´s range was revamped as well moving into the dark chocolates with higher cocoa contents and no added sugar.
They manufacture mainly under their own brand, but they also produce a range of products under private label for some of the biggest retailers in Spain as Carrefour, Dia, Auchan or Coviran. They are interested in this kind of agreement too. The company wants to export these products to enlarge his market. They are interested in a distribution services and manufacturing agreement with enterprises based in Portugal and Israel.

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The company currently sells a good quality product range in many countries around the world with good results in sales. The factory is a 18,000 m2 building sited in, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, were the company centralizes all its manufacturing and administrative activities. Moreover, the company is in a privileged geographical position which makes them a business platform to Africa, Latin America and Europe. Canary Islands are a Spanish autonomous region located 100 km ashore the Africa's north-west coast. Canary Islands is inside one of the most important maritime routes of the Atlantic Ocean. IFS Certification. Copyright. They are interested in a distribution services of their products and manufacturing agreement (elaborating products under private label) with enterprises based in Portugal and Israel.

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They are looking for importers, distributors and/or wholesalers around the world, finding new markets and partners in Israel and Portugal. They are also interested in manufacturing agreement, in order to elaborate produtcs under other private labels in Portugal and Israel. Furthermore, they are open to take into consideration other options of agreement or collaboration, from other countries. They can provide catalogues and more information about the products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Israel, Portugal