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Spanish consulting company specialized in dried fruit processing is looking for a partner under a joint venture and/or outsourcing or manufacturing agreement

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The Spanish company is specialized in offering consulting services for dried fruit processing companies: the company brings technical consultancy in operating facilities for dried fruit processing, new processing methods, quality and food safety and pasteurization. They are looking for a partner to start a joint venture or/and an outsourcing or manufacturing agreement to expand their business opportunities on a long term basis throughout United States, France, Germany, Portugal or Italy.



The main goal of this Spanish company is to become the technical consulting firm of reference in the dried fruit industry by bringing their high quality consultancy services in many different areas.

The focus is set on new machinery, new methods of processing, and the implementation and improvement of standards in terms of quality and food safety.However, the company also provides consulting services to already installed lines (machines, product input, etc.) As time passes, some facilities need to be adapted; the company not only adapts the facilities, but also implements the newest innovations in the production processes.

Since 2017, as a result of the approbation of the Process Authority for the Almond Board of California, the company has also been conducting validations for the pasteurization of almonds (roasters, steam chambers, pasteurizers...) pistachios, walnuts and many other types of nuts and dried fruits.These validation processes have been conducted mainly in California and Spain.

They also provide assistance on compliance with Food Safety Regulation and quality issues, providing efficient and practical solutions to microbiological nature issues or those with certain risk to food safety. In addition, it has been accredited as FDA qualified company in preventive controls for the food industry (PCQI) and offers a whole cross training program for all staff positions.

The company is constantly working on improving efficiency as a way to ensure the best performance of the production lines. As a result of its hard work, in recent years has managed to get important national and international customers in the dried fruit sector.

Now they are interested in expanding their business opportunities with an international partnership. They are looking for a reliable partner to start a joint venture or/and an outsourcing or manufacturing agreement on a long term basis in the United States, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy.

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The company counts with full-time skilled specialists and top-level engineers with broad experience in the sector; this enables them to provide 24 hours of high quality assistance. As previously mentioned, quality is the basis of its action so, by cooperating with this company the partner will be benefited from a hard-working team and a company with a promising future. Now that they have achieved important accomplishments in the national scene, they believe that it is the right time to assist a whole dried fruit processing project in other areas with a new partner abroad.

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The company is looking for a reliable partner, to start a joint venture, manufacturing or outsourcing agreement Type of partner: business Field of activity: manufacturing or services in dried fruit industry Role: Manufacturing Previous international cooperation is not required but preferable.

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SME <10


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France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, USA


Food quality and security