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Spanish designer and manufacturer of rescue drones for emergency services seeks partners for joint venture agreement.

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This company is based in Valencia (Spain). Its main activity is the design, manufacture and deployment of specific unmanned aircraft for emergency management and rescue tasks at the beach. It is looking for partners under a commercial agency or joint venture agreement.



The Spanish company was established 6 years ago. Its main activity is the design, manufacture and deployment of specific unmanned aircraft for emergency management and rescue tasks at the beach.With this tool, decisions are made at the moment since the drone has a speaker ready to send messages. In addition, the drone is able to count the number of bathers on beaches, due to the new incorporation of artificial intelligence and also, it’s able to attend rescues if it’s necessary, dropping a lifejacket to the bather who’s in danger. Everything is recorded to enhance the performance afterwards.

The main goal is to reduce the number of drownings at the beach, since many deaths occur at sea. The answer to this issue has been to incorporate this tool (UAV) into rescue teams.
This is a differential product which hasn’t competence at the market, due to its professional skills:

-Rescue. The drone is able to drop a lifejacket in order to keep the victim afloat until rescue teams arrive.
-Recording. Everything is recorded by the drone. This function allows for the team to enhance their action protocols.
-Speaker. The emergency team can send communications to the people who are on the beach.
-Artificial Intelligence. With this application you can count the people and their distance. It’s quite relevant to make sure the capacity is fulfilled.
-Cost reduction. If there is any unidentified element, the drone can be used quickly, instead of removing the jet ski, which invoves greater expense and pollution.
-Unique manufacturing. This tool has been manufactured to withstand the hostile environment of the beach: sun, corrosiveness, rain and wind.

The co-operation sought under joint venture agreement is with companies which work in emergencies and also drone operators able to deploy this innovative product in different municipalities.
Its future partner should be able to carry out the commercial force in another country, this includes talking either to city councils or resorts interested in deploying the product on their beaches. Moreover, the service with the product at the beach should be carried out by pilots hired by the company.
The company has enough experience to train future pilots, technicians, and coordinators. It has worked on conducting safety studies and action protocols.

Partners should be also agents with good contacts with drone operators or companies who belong to the emergency service. Highlighting that those companies just need to have the commercial force and operating force to carry out all the structure involved in offering this product diligently.
They should be willing to work with the Spanish company to develop a long-term collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Advantages & innovations

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The Spanish company offers the following advantages to the potential partners: 1.The company has worked on the implementation of a unique product in the market in the last six years. 2.The firm has a strong commitment to improve rescue services, which is why the manufacturers of this tool are lifeguards and rescue professionals, they know the beach environment and what are its shortcomings. 3.Strong demand due to the technical characteristics of the product. 4.There is no official competitor for this drone. No product meets the requirements of the company that uniquely allows the product to withstand a very harmful environment.

Partner sought

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The field of activity should the partner work in is either emergency service or an operator drone service. They must understand the importance of reducing drownings and compliance with the security measures due to the health and economic crisis which we are living in. The drone industry is growing and it's a crucial moment to open new business verticals and earn recurring incomes with this tool that every city council requests. The cooperation will be based on a commercial agency agreement or joint venture taking advantage of the local partner and putting in common assets. The company looks for a strong commitment partner. Who enable the company to get a fast access to the new markets and distribution channels and acquire new skills and competences in the new market. Beyond that a joint venture partnership could offer a possibility for the company to overcome legal and trade barriers,and accelerate economic growth. A partner who provides technical skills and resources, which complement those of the company .

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SME 11-50


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Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal