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Spanish ecological company specialized in bioenzymatic products used as an organic alternative for water treatment and soil pollution reduction is looking for distributors

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Enzyme Technology
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A Spanish company seeks to develop in new markets, offering enzymatic, fermented and bacterial cultures, used for soil, water and environmental treatment in areas related to agriculture, livestock, industrial cleaning, urban waste and civil construction. The company is interested in a distribution or a commercial agency agreement, mainly in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.



The Spanish company has 5 years of experience in the work of this product and operates in the field of agriculture, livestock, industrial cleaning, treatment of water and urban waste, civil construction (soil stabilization and asphalt recovery), animals, etc.

It is evident that industrial activity, like almost all human activity has an impact on the surrounding environment and is usually produced in the following areas: air, water, waste and energy. The change towards the protection of the environment in the industries is necessary and therefore, it is important to look for natural alternatives for cleaning processes not only to reduce pollution, but also to repair the damage and recover the air, water and contaminated land in the short or medium term. Bio-enzymatic products are a natural and ecological alternative compared to some chemicals intended for this purpose, that are very easy to apply and non-toxic to humans, animals and plants.
They are all-natural and ecological products, mostly already developed and tested for years (60 years in the USA market).

Mainly, the company’s activity is focused on:
-Solving the problems of waste management of human and/or animal origin, for recovery.
-Elimination of bacteria in cutting rooms and food processing procedures.
-Elimination of parasites in stagnant animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, horses or pets.
-Recovery of contaminated soils or water by oil spills or their derivatives.
-Stabilization of natural soils in place of cement or lime.
-Helps radiated patients of head or neck, with Ostomies and / or losses.

The company currently has agreements with French and Latin American companies and is looking for distributors, mainly in France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, but also in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The ideal type of cooperation would be a distribution agreement, making it easier to access to client’s market, favouring cost control for an outward expansion, allowing market knowledge acquisition and a quick approach to the country in question.

They are looking for distributors or commercial agents with experience in the ecological and environmental sector or in parapharmacy, waste treatment or water sector.

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The company has specialized in obtaining this type of enzymes for years, which, although they already existed in the market, they are not being commercialized in such a high percentage, allowing obtaining results in the short and medium term, unlike those solutions focused on a broader term. The advantage derived from its use goes beyond simple groups of biological agents of treatment, being totally natural products, without affecting the environment and with a great efficiency, both in the improvement of the working environment, as in the welfare state of the people, animals or soils that it treats. Speaking about their technical advantages: • It does not transform the colour of the terrain and makes it homogeneous. • Due to the impermeability, it protects the soil from the growth of herbs and the moisture migration by capillarity. • Its quality and nature endures for years. They verify data collected from roads in perfect condition eight years post-application in the field. • Product that, with low maintenance, conserves and considerably saves costs if confronted with other construction materials. • It allows a fast production of vials, guaranteeing the use in a few hours of its application. • It serves as the basis for tar or or other non-slip material.

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Already on the market

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The distributor or agent must belong to the wholesale or retail market acting specifically in the ecological and environmental sector or in parapharmacy, waste treatment or water sector. They will carry out in its area of influence the marketing and sale of the products (with the company's support) in all sectors that can be used the products.

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SME <10,SME 51-250,>500


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France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom