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Spanish entrepreneur producing cowhide handcrafted goods offers manufacturing agreements to tanners specialized in processing haired cowhide. Special interest in the UK, France and Spain

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A Spanish entrepreneur specialized in manufacturing high quality handcrafted goods made of Tudanca cowhide is looking for manufacturing partners. Seeking tanneries with special skills and expertise when it comes to processing cowhide so as to maintain the quality of the raw material. the company is particularly, but not exclusively, interested in partners from the UK, France and Portugal.



Tudanca is a middle-sized cattle breed, formerly used in inner Cantabria as work animals in the field, but after the mechanization of agriculture, the breed was listed as protected domestic animal, since it is, like other primitive cattle breeds, facing extinction because its low economical production rate. The efforts of many breeders and the lately recognized quality of its superb meat and cowhide have stopped declining and livestock grows back.

The main idea of this project is to create an authentic product with local identity and contemporary design. Currently, Tudancas meat has a market on its own, with its origin clearly marked. The intention is to develop an (if possible eco) tanned cowhide, ethically sourced from food industry, to take advantage of this market niche.

Tudanca cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin and hair. It retains the original coloring of the animal, which gives identity to this cattle.

The entrepreneur, a young industrial designer, is creating her own startup. In order to manufacture the handcrafted products (carpets, puffs, bags, accesories...), she previously needs to send the raw material directly from the slaughterhouse to the only tanner she found working with this special product in Spain.

To ensure sufficient production capacity, the company wishes to identify some additional tanneries to cooperate with under manufacturing agreements. The company is primarily, but not exclusively, seeking partners in the UK, France and Portugal.

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Due to distance, delivery time and costs, the company is mainly interested in identifying tanneries in neighboring countries. However, level of knowledge, experience and expertise when it comes to cowhide processing are also essential, so the company is willing to consider offers from other countries provided the partners can prove their know-how in this field.

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The entrepreneur seeks cowhide specialized tanners under manufacturing agreement, primarily (but not exclusively) from countries close to Spain: FR, UK, PT She is very interested in maintaining the high quality of the cowhide. The hair of the Tudanca is in great demand due to its colour and softness, so the tanner must be very careful with the process. The raw hide would be sent to the tanner for processing, and then sent back to the entrepreneur to handcraft her products.


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