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Spanish family business dedicated to the artisan production and sale of canned fish seeks to expand its international activity through distribution, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

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Spanish family business with a long tradition in the totally handmade production of canned sea products seeks to establish distribution, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements. The company is specialized in the manufacture of anchovies and white tuna, although it offers a wide variety of canned products obtained through a careful selection such as mussels, small sardines, cockles, razor-shells, mackerel, anchovies, or puddings and cakes of delicacies of the sea.



This family business is in the north of Spain, on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, which ensures the best raw materials which go directly from the sea to the factory, guaranteeing the maximum freshness and quality of the product that is elaborated in a totally handmade way.

The company is specialized in the production of anchovy and white tuna but offers a wide variety of canned fish such as mackerel, mussels, cockles, razor-shells, little sardines, as well as pudding and cakes made with direct delights from the sea.

The wide range of products offered by the company are:

- Anchovies: the production of its anchovies maintains the artisanal process of production. This artisanal anchovy is produced one by one to keep the maximum quality of the product and its original taste.

- White Tuna: the company is specialized in the production of White Tuna, which is the highest quality fish of the tuna family. It is captured in the Cantabrian Sea, and the company carries out a rigorous selection process to choose the best pieces. The product is offered in the form of belly, loins or pieces.

- Mackerel: canned mackerel is obtained from verdel, which is a blue fish with a high Omega 3 content. The company selects the best pieces of the Cantabrian Sea fishery to offer this quality product with a unique flavor. Last year, the company started a new concept of canned mackerel flavored with Espelette pepper (designation of origin).

- Mussels: extracted directly from the estuary, they are made with the best pickled sauce thanks to their traditional recipes. As in the mackerel, the company offers a new concept of canned mussels on Espelette pepper sauce (designation of origin).

- Cockles: this product is shellfish gathering and cleaned by a traditional process and in a manual way, conserving their natural flavor and a fleshy and delicious texture.

- Little Sardines: they are obtained thanks to traditional fishing methods from the Cantabrian Sea, following a careful artisanal cleaning process and then bathed in the best olive oil to achieve a product of the highest quality while preserving its original flavor.

- Razor-shell: this is a product with authentic sea flavor that is offered in a natural way and after a careful selection and processing process.

- Pudings and cakes of delicacies of the sea: through the careful selection of the best products, the company works them in a traditional way to obtain puddings and cakes of great quality and excellent flavor.

- Gulas: fish prepared in the shape of glass eel, ideal for dressing salads and prepared dishes, or as complement with other fish. The product is obtained from the best parts of the freshly caught fish.

- Salads of the sea: this product is made with the best raw materials with which the company gets a healthy product, with a fresh and typically seafood flavor.

In all the products, the company offers a wide variety of forms of presentation and canned, adapted to the needs of customers. In the specific case of the mackerel and mussels, the company offers a new packaging inspired in the sea which gives the consumer a new concept of can, not only "container" but even a decoration or something to be kept.

The company is looking to extend its international activity so it is interested in signing distribution, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

The company seeks distributors with experience, a broad knowledge of their markets and a good network of contacts in the industry. In the case of manufacturing or outsourcing agreements, the company prefers companies with experience in the canned fish manufacturing sector. In all cases, the company is interested in signing long-term agreements.

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The company has been greatly involved in maintaining a familiar and artisanal business model in which its products remain artisanal, the mechanization of processes is the minimum so, the company is able to achieve an artisanal product maintaining the natural characteristics at its 100%. The processes are respectful and careful with the environment. All the products offered, retain their original flavor to the sea since they are taken directly from the sea to the factory. The anchovies are elaborated and cleaned by artisan processes, with a silver touch that guarantee their scraping manually. The company became the winner of the best anchovy of the Cantabrian Sea two years in a row (2016/2017). All the products offered have competitive prices and adapted to the needs of customers

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The company is interested in establishing long-term distribution, manufacturing or subcontracting agreements. The company already has international experience but wants to expand its business outside of Spain. The company seeks distributors with experience, a broad knowledge of their markets and a good network of contacts in the industry. The partner will introduce the company┬┤s products in the host country in accordance with the distribution agreement. It also would be recommended to have warehouses for the storage of the product, as well as a logistic network for their delivery to the consumer. In the specific case of a manufacturing or outsourcing agreement the company searched must have experience in the agri-food sector, but all the proposals received will be studied.

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