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Spanish family business dedicated to the production and distribution of different kinds of artisanal cheese is looking for distributors.

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The Spanish company founded in 1960 is a family-owned company, located in the north of Spain, specialized in artisanal cheesemaking. They produce different kinds of cheese based on traditional recipes and using fresh cow´s milk which comes from their own cows. The animals are well cared for using the "cow comfort" concept. Despite its artisanal production, the company uses the most advanced technologies in the care, milking and control of animals. The company is looking for distributors.



This company is a Spanish producer of artisanal and high-quality cheese, manufactured under their own well-known brand. The company is equipped with modern and innovative technology and all improvements and investments are directed towards the demands of the market.

The high quality of the finished products is based on continuous improvements, total control at every stage of the manufacturing process and full implementation of national and European rules and regulations.

The wide range of products include:

• ripened cow cheese: it is a pressed cheese made from pasteurized full fat cow´s milk and aged for a period between 20 and 60 days. It is presented in 400 grams format.
• soft cow cheese: this variety of cheese is left to drain naturally and slowly, made from cow´s milk and aged for a period between 15 and 30 days. It is presented in variable formats between 300 and 500 grams.
• lactic spreadable cheese: natural cheese obtained using lactic coagulation. It could be presented according the client´s needs.
• semi-cured cheese: made with pasteurized cow's milk, this variety has a ripening period of 3 months and is presented in complete pieces of approximately half a kilo.
• cured cheese with different sizes from 2 to 12 kilos. This cheese is made with pasteurized cow's milk using about 100 liters of milk per piece. It has a long maturing period of between 5 months and a year.

All the products are handcraft made without additives or preservatives following and old family recipe.

The company is present in the national market and is currently interested in increasing its international presence throughout the cooperation with entities interested in distribution services agreement.

Its current and potential clients are wholesalers and distributors of foodstuffs, hypermarkets and chains of food shops. The company would like to conclude a distribution services agreement to expand their portfolio of clients.

The partner will introduce the company´s products in the host country in accordance with the distribution agreement. It also would be recommended to have warehouses for the storage of the product, as well as a logistic network for their delivery to the consumer.

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The main advantages of the company are: • Availability of modern equipment and production lines. • Quality system which controls the quality of raw milk already at the farms, completed by checking the organoleptic parameters such as color, taste, odor or consistency of the products. • Qualified and experienced staff. • Variety of the offered products. • Years of experience and tradition in the production of dairy products. • Professional customer support. • The products are manufactured under own private brands and are well known on the local and national markets.

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Already on the market

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Potential partners of the company are distributors of foodstuffs, supermarkets, and chain food shops. Their main efforts have to be directed towards the realization of the mass production of the company. Experience in sales of dairy products is an advantage but not a requirement. Long-term distribution agreements are preferred by the company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250