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A Spanish family business that manufactures premium quality hand-made author´s chocolates is looking for distributors and/or agents

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A Spanish family business that currently manufactures 12 varieties of hand-made chocolate is looking for distribution services or commercial agency agreements. In addition to the traditional flavors (dark chocolate, milk and white) the company manufactures chocolates with author´s recipes with the flavors of anchovy, spicy, mojito, meringue milk, coffee with milk, black 90%, curry with corn nuts, black with orange and fried potato.



The Spanish company, established in 2016, wants to be a reference in the manufacture of premium quality and natural chocolates, free of preservatives and additives, and without oils harmful to health.

The manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of raw materials and the use of cocoa butter instead of the use of unhealthy fats such as palm fat.

In addition, the final texture of the chocolate is achieved with a delicate adjustment of the manufacturing times and the temperatures in the processes of melting and cooling, in which there is no margin of error.

The company manufactures twelve varieties of chocolate:

• Dark chocolate (72%) with an intense cocoa flavor and a light touch of vanilla. This chocolate presents a lot of personality and it is perfect for lovers of authentic chocolate.

• Milk chocolate (35%): very different from any other existing on the market. It is composed of cocoa butter without additives and obtained after an elaborate process of classification and processing of the raw material. Its flavor is totally authentic.

• White chocolate (36%): The quality of a supreme cocoa butter, combined with the freshness of an artisan product made with care, results in a reference white chocolate.

• Chocolate with anchovy flavor: The best chocolate and all the flavor of the sea in the same bite. It is the perfect mix to enjoy the authentic flavor of the Cantabrian Sea, merging perfectly with the Amazon.

• Spicy chocolate: it allows us to travel back in time and go back to the origins and recover the tradition of the Aztecs. The objective is to create an elixir based on cocoa and chilli pepper.

• Mojito-flavored chocolate: it is a fresh citrus flavor that fills the mouth with tropical memories, accompanied by a light touch of mint.

• Chocolate of Merengada Milk: a recipe passed from generation to generation, reminiscent of rice pudding made by our grandmothers.

•Coffee chocolate with milk: this flavor takes you to the center of the densest coffee plantation.

• 90% Black Chocolate: the most intense version of cocoa, for lovers of authentic cocoa flavor in its purest form.

• Chocolate with Orange: mix of two unique flavors that combine perfectly.

• Chocolate Curry with corn nuts: where you get the perfect mix between the taste of chocolate, corn nuts and a touch of curry.

• Fried potato chocolate: the most innovative and different of all the proposals. This product is perfect for the most daring palates.

The company is looking for importers, distributers, other business intermediaries as well as retailers in European and other markets.

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• Careful selection of the best raw materials. • Final product without preservatives, dyes, or palm fats. All the varieties of chocolates are the result of a careful and handmade manufacturing process. • Concentration of cocoa higher than 34%, which differentiates it from other products existing in the market. • All the products are manufactured exclusively with cocoa butter (instead of vegetable fats) from Central American (this variety is called criollo). • 100% gluten free chocolate, so it is also suitable for celiac. • The cocoa butter "travels alone" through the different stages of processing. The company does not use substitutes, additives, preservatives, unhealthy oils, or gluten. They only combine and stabilize all the raw materials in a natural way with top quality products, obtaining unthinkable flavors and, this allows them to extend the periods of preferential consumption.

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The company is looking for importers, distributers, other business intermediaries as well as retailers in Europe and other markets.

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