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A Spanish firm specialised in the commercialisation of extra virgin olive oil is looking for distribution agreements in Europe

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The Spanish company specialized in extra olive oil commercialization is interested in looking for delicatessen products distributors in European markets.



This Spanish company was founded in 2016 to develop the commercialization of products from seven agrarian cooperatives with more than 125 years in the production of extra virgin olive oils.

The company is able to offer high quality products for distributors interested in introducing olive oil in European markets for gourmet niche.

The olives varieties they use make the product totally different to any other in the market. At the same time, the different locations of the cooperatives allows to obtain different types of olives varieties.

This company is able to offer also ecological products because some of the cooperative partners got the ecological certification.

The product is packaged in matt and opaque glass bottles, in white or black depend on the type of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or ecological extra virgin olive oil. Also it can be in plastic bottle of 5 liters if the product is addressed to catering or restaurant companies.

This company would like to find distributor partners to get into European markets. Distribution services for its olive oil in order to offer an extension of distributors portfolio.

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The firm got join seven agrarian cooperatives of olive oils with a base of more than 15,000 partners. The main advantage of the company is the special varieties of olives used to make the oils. This varietal differentiation makes them produce extra olive oils different from those that exist on the market. Product processed in green with olives harvest in end of September to first October of varieties like Villalonga and Alfafara that keep all beneficial properties of its components. Ecological certification in olive oil made with Koroneiki variety olives.

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This Spanish firm is looking for companies specialized in the distribution in European markets of oil for gourmet, delicatessen, or high quality products shops. It shall insure the distribution of these olive oil products into international supermarkets or stores. Other type of distributors could be those introduced in supplying products for catering and restaurant sector.


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