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Spanish global organic certified textiles company offers manufacturing agreements of organic cotton fabrics to independent designers

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Spanish company offers manufacturing agreements to produce organic certified cotton fabrics for independent designers and brands through a cooperative platform which sums up tissue production needs.There is no minimum order requirement. The company is also offering manufacturing agreements of knitted and woven clothes for other brands with pure organic certified cotton.Finally, the company is looking for distribution or commercial agreements for products manufactured under its own brand.



The Spanish company has more than 25 years’ experience in organic cotton textile production. The company uses organic cotton naturally coloured with no Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).
The company offers manufacturing agreements to produce organic cotton certified fabrics through a new cooperative solution specially created for small and medium designers who do not have enough resources to achieve a minimum tissue production order to make their fashion designs/clothes. Independent designers are able to choose among several fabrics production proposals (under a pre-selection of parameters). Besides, they can suggest new tissue production options under a wish list. This data is collected and analysed, allowing the company to create new fabrics production offers within the platform when there is an increasing demand. As a result, the company can adapt its fabrics manufacture according to its partners tissue real needs, offering a sustainable business solution and a fair price, compared to other companies requiring a minimum purchasing order. The platform is currently offering only organic cotton fabrics production. Nevertheless, other natural fibres tissue production proposals will be included in a near future to complete the company’s portfolio.
Additionally, the company is also offering manufacturing agreements to other brands looking for production service of women, men, children and baby clothes with pure organic cotton as well as customized fabrics from a data sheet or a sample to the final production. It works with the best spinning, weaving and finishing companies in Spain and Portugal.
The company helps its partners to develop a manufacturing process under an ecological standard of quality and traceability. Moreover, it offers the possibility to work with natural coloured cotton without dyes or chemical processes.
Finally, the company has its own brand and offers a portfolio of more than 500 references of underwear, homework and bathrobe for women, men, children and babies. The company is looking for agents and distributors in order to extend its network in Europe, Asia or America.

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The platform has a totally cooperative and sustainable character as it allows to gather small tissue production needs of independent designers under several organic fabrics production proposals. Additionally, it allows any user to suggest additional specific organic fabrics production through a wish list. As a result, there is a reduction of textile pre-consumer waste. Additionally, it allows small and medium designers to pay a fair price, according to their real fabrics needs. The company is Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified in every phase of the textile process: spinning, weaving, manufacture and distribution. The company is able to provide the corresponding labels to certify the traceability of its fabrics and garments free of charge. All the inks used in the dying processes are GOTS certified.

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- Independent designers and fashion brands -> to purchase the organic cotton certified fabrics necessary to produce their own designs. - Independent designers and fashion brands looking for production service of women, men, children and baby clothes under an ecological standard of quality and traceability-> to produce organic certified cotton customised designs through the company. - Textile agents, distributors or retailers having a network of clients interested in organic certified textile fabrics and clothes ->to distribute and sell the company products range (own brand) in Europe, Asia and America.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250