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Spanish gourmet almonds producer seeks distributors for their products in European countries.

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A Spanish company (from Mallorca) specialized in the production of almonds offers a wide range of almond products made with no addtional additives. They produce high quality products where their crops are raised respecting the environment and the biodiversity. The company seeks gourmet distributors or commercial agents to commercialise its products in Europe.



The Mallorcain company was founded in 2009 with the purpose to transform an autochthonous " Mallorcan almond" a healthy product that has a multitude of possibilities. They want to convert Mallorcan almonds into a privileged condiment that evokes quality, expectations, and innovation.
The company has a wide range of products such as natural almonds with or without salt and buttered almonds with interesting flavours, some of them very Mallorcan, such as tap de cortí (special paprika) and dried tomato and rosemary. The entire process is handmade in our workshop located in the North of Mallorca.
Another range of products are almonds combined with other ingredients, prepared with various formulas that serve as the basis for an infinite number of recipes. The idea is to prepare the base of all the ingredients with almonds as the main ingredient in a traditional and thoughtful way so that the final user can obtain exquisite and healthy dishes in a quick and creative way. There are 3 versions of different bases that come granulated and vacuum-packed. Each of them has a Mallorcan woman's name: Coloma, Bàrbara and Aina.
The main concept of production is that the products are made with no preservatives nor colourings.
The goal is to offer healthy products that enhance personal wellbeing.
The company seeks gourmet distributors or commercial agents to commercialize its products in Europe.

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The company has wide experience in the sector and offers products of high quality according to European standards. The compans obtained the certificate of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Almendra de Mallorca / Almendra Mallorquina. It is the quality designation that guarantees the link between the almond and its origin, and endorses the methods used to obtain a product that stands out for its excellence and flavor through a Regulatory Council.

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The partner sought should be a distributor or commercial agent with previous experience in distributing dried fruits, products related with dried fruits and able to introduce the company's products in European preferably "Gourmet" facilities.


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