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Spanish gourmet coffee company seeks distributors in Europe

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A Spanish gourmet coffee producer, with more than 25 years of activity, and an integral and solid position in the national market, looks for European distributors for its gourmet and sustainable products. The company is looking for distributors with well stablished networks within local franchise, regional coffee connoseurs stores and good relations with stablished networks. Partnerships under distribution services and commercial agency agreements are sought.



The Spanish company, created in 1990 was initially founded as a specialized coffee importer. Nowadays it counts with activity and presence in fields as coffee processing and coffee commercialization having completed a vertical integration process. It’s more than 20 years of experience has provided the company with a solid market knowledge over the different coffee varieties, producing countries and import/export requirements.
Beginning as a unipersonal company it has been able to evolve and ameliorate its professional standards, incorporating new profiles to their team and integrating new activities to their organisation.
Their strategic position, as a vertical integrated coffee company, it’s focused in growth and market development. Thanks to their Arabic varieties selection, their supplier and manufacturer’s networks knowledge, and their presence in Colombian producing regions, they have planned efforts to extend their markets and product portfolio thanks to internationalization and innovation processes.
Counting with a team of more than 30 highly qualified and dynamic professionals the company and cutting-edge technological equipment and modern facilities, and thanks to its knowledge and technological centre in Colombia, the company has grown its product portfolio adding lyophilized and high expression coffees as well as a complementary line of complements and accessories that allows them to cover the special needs of two of their main market channels, foodservice industries and coffee gourmet shops.
Quality in combination with sustainability are the pillars of the company innovation, covering processes, products and new technology in order to accomplish market requirements with an ample approach. While their coffee process and products, accomplish with rigorous quality control measures, innovations are present in every step from the farm to the cup. Collaborating with producers in search of sustainability and promoting a social commitment with the environment, the company has supported and stimulated the growth of certified production of origin guarantees in different producing regions. Efforts for preserving coffee quality are taken from the beginning, when the selected coffee crops are directly imported in its raw form; and during its industrial processing, when they are toasted carefully following a daily toasting plan that ends with and immediately packing operation (under vacuum or in an inert atmosphere). Finally, the final product enters the logistic networks, which have being designed for reaching the market and deliver a premium quality product with all its valuable properties intact.
This commitment to quality and good work, have contributed to the company market position being considered one of the most prestigious in the market. The company product portfolio and its proprietary brand are nowadays recognized within the premium category.
Following their growth and internationalisation strategy, the company is looking for European distributors with good knowledge of the HoReCa (hotel, restaurants, and cafeteria) channel. Presence within the gourmet products retail networks and/or local and regional networks relationships is highly desired. The company offers partnership under distribution or commercial agency agreements.

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The company is vertically integrated, counting with coffee plantations and farms at the heart of the Popayan plateau at the Cauca region in Colombia. The geographical, soil and climatic conditions have made this region one of the best Arabic coffee variety’s production area in the world counting with a recognized designation of origin. Though the cultivation and process have a strong artisan and traditional culture, innovation has been steadily been stablished. Plus the natural conditions advantages, the company counts with: • More than 200 coffee varieties already certified. • Sustainable field cultivation culture. • State of the art cultivation mixes and harvest technologies. • An industrial production process that has been designed to work as a unitary lot production system, specially adapted to work with small and micro batches, assuring high levels in terms of product uniformity. • High standards in terms of traceability and quality for the whole value chain. • Process focused in the preservation of sensorial and qualitative characteristics of the product. The company, which runs a knowledge centre, also counts with proprietary technological validation fields at different locations and heights, allowing them to test and develop new varieties. Regarding market innovation, the company has developed a permanent innovation process, which covers the whole production chain of coffee. Carefully designed, this process allows the company to stay ahead of market trends being able to develop new products and sub products within high standards and excellent time to market indicators. Considering the rise of demanding and knowledgeable consumers on this market, they are well positioned in order to provide personalized limited edition premium coffee batches from their Arabic varieties. The company has also taken social and sustainable innovations, participating in women farmer’s empowerment initiatives and designing circular/eco-designed products.

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The company is seeking to small, medium and big distributors with good local networks and good knowledge of Horeca channels. Gourmet retail market or gourmet sector connections will be a plus. The company offers distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250,>500