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Spanish ICT company specialized in smart data, smart big data, data analytics and information systems, is aiming to find subcontracting and commercial agency agreements

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Spanish company focused on data analysis and creation of information systems is looking for partners interested in implementing innovative and customized solutions for performance efficiency optimisation, industry 4.0, productivity and human resources. The company is looking for long term commercial partners worldwide and for subcontracting agreements.



The Spanish SME was born in 2009 with the objective of helping companies in their digital transformation process; activity that nowadays has become mandatory for any competitive company. Since its foundation in 2009, they have been working in the area of productivity and human resources, collaborating with the most relevant professional law firms. For years they have acquired a deep knowledge in sectors such as retail, industry, logistics, transport, health and aeronautics.

The offered services are the following:

- Smart data and information systems: Powerful IT tools analyse variables of interest to the clients, creating information systems that collect, organize and store data of diverse origins, developing relevant information that can advise on decision making.

- Psychology analytics: The power to predict individual or collective behaviour based on the analysis of variables and mathematical models that help reduce aspects of uncertainty about behaviour individual or collective behavioural psychology and mathematics united with a specific objective.

- Software development: Software engineering tailored to the customers that allows them to automate data capture, analysis and interpretation on powerful, intuitive platforms and easy to adapt to their environment.

- Industrial productivity models: Algorithms created to accurately define productivity models; formulas that allow to know what is the productive scheme, how the productivity is affected by the different variables that affect it (machines, personnel, market, ...) and; especially, determine where the risks are and where the opportunities stand out from the competition.

The Spanish SME holds wide experience developing solutions for medium caps and multinationals and is currently looking for new partners, mainly in the EU, in order to reach subcontracting and commercial agency agreement.

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The company has acquired over the years a considerable experience and competence. One of the points of strength of the company is to be flexible and dynamic. That permits to offer customized solution on the basis of the clients' needs. Furthermore, the solutions can be used in various sectors and easily customized to the needs of the user. The company offers a wide range of products helping companies in their transformation towards Industry 4.0. through the use of Big Data and Data Analytics in industry. The strategic use of information generated in processes and operations allows reducing inefficiencies, optimise resource productivity, increase business competitiveness and eventually increase profits by up to 200% in the short term. Main advantages regarding the company expertise: • Innovative method of data analysis with a double focus on human knowledge and Big Data technology. • Collaboration with law firms and companies from different sectors, providing a range of services including, among others, big data analytics, machine learning, intelligent information systems and risk management. • Commitment to promote the transformation and use of new technologies in the industry to establish increasingly ambitious objectives and meet the growing expectations of quality, efficiency and growth based on profitability. • Lines of research and development of the following areas: Data strategy, law and data 5.0, agro-food, absolute 4.0, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) smart analysis, social behaviour prediction and predictive asset maintenance.

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The Spanish company is looking for two profiles of partners: -Law firms, business and HR consulting companies, agents and industrial manufacturing companies, interested in implementing the solutions developed by the Spanish company under subcontracting agreements. -Clusters, networks hubs and integrators of ICT industrial solutions willing to commercialise the Spanish company solutions within a designed area under a commercial agency agreement.