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Spanish Industrial IoT solutions company offers Edge Computing and cybersecure technologies for simplified data and equipment protection, looks for partners to collaborate under technical or commercial with technical assistance agreements

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Spanish company specialized in Edge Computing, offers its software and firmware solutions focused on securely digitizing industrial equipment and deploying edge computing algorithms. The company is looking for partners from industrial sectors wishing to adopt the digitization according to simplified processes and cyber-secure connections, under a remote management framework. The company would like to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.



Founded in 2017 by experts coming from Industrial IOT firms, the Spanish company counts with accumulated managerial and corporate experience in industry digitization technologies.
Industry digital transformation is an ongoing trend for the term industry 4.0 was first introduced in 2011. Relying on principles as interconnection, information transparency, decision making and problem solving assistance, and decentralized decision making, technology firms have been developing solutions to push manufacturing and industrial related companies to the next level of performance.
New physical hardware devices, programming software, and connectivity and communication technologies (such us the Internet of things (IOT) or cloud based computing) have been helpful in adapting and solving the digitalization problems of different industry sectors.
Edge computing technologies were born as an alternative solution to cloud computing for centralized and decentralized data computing. In a more traditional approach of the industrial IOT systems, plant data is collected and sent to the cloud to be processed, in a centralized way (one data centre containing internet connected servers), allowing users and managers to obtain a global view of the connected equipment of different productive units and providing them with an easy update process of software in the different machines. However, when considering applications and data load within productive environments with a high number of machines, sensors and information, problems increase and concerns arise for real time analysis needs, large volumes of data, latency problems and privacy and security.
Edge computing setups surge, then, as a solution, allowing processing and analytics of machine data locally, to be later sent out to the cloud.
Integrated solutions with applications running close to production while at the same time connected to the cloud, enabling remote management of plant applications and software updates, are the kind of solutions built under edge computing objectives. These integrated solutions vary whether the desired setup should take into account requisites as minimize security breaches, increase privacy, reduce latency and allow a high speed data processing optimizing resource consumptions.

Focused on simplifying complex asset, equipment, processes and data connections for firms with industrial activity, the company has combined state of the art firmware and software tools for the development of their own edge computing platform.

The company seeks partners willing to deploy their technology and collaborate under commercial or technical cooperation agreements.

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The company's approach to the digitalization process allows decentralized and centralized data flows and data analysis for industrial plants and machinery systems, under different levels of privacy, security and connectivity. Combining different hardware elements as microcontrollers, edge servers, and edge data centers with software and firmware under a modular architecture approach the company set up solutions allows industry clients from different sectors to gain a faster response time for their data computation, improve their operations reliability, reduce data transfers among devices and the cloud, increase security, reduce cost as a result of data storage, computational power and network bandwidth optimization and increase operability and connection between legacy and modern machines. .

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The Spanish company looks for public and private partners within the industrial sectors and related activities, wishing to incorporate technologies for a secure and reliable digitalization change. The Spanish SME will assist and collaborate in the implementation of the solutions needed by the partner. The company would like to collaborate under commercial with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements. Partnership types will depend on partner digitization policies and requirements.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500