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The Spanish leader company in the smoothie market selling IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) fruits and vegetables in pouches is looking for distributors in different European countries to expand their footprint in the smoothie market

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The Spanish company offers 100% natural fruit and veggie smoothies: a healthy product line without renouncing the joy of a great taste and a high quality drink that is part of today’s social trend. They are looking for distributors to represent them in the European market; furthermore, the company will bring them support to grow their business in the fast-growing healthy market.



Having observed certain shortcomings in eating and healthy habits in the current society, this spanish company envisioned a business model that could ADD VALUE in people’s lives by introducing healthy eating concepts in the Fast and Good Market in Spain. The company is currently present in some European markets such as Spain, Italy, Germany, and Netherlands.

The Company is leading the smoothies' market nowadays and has been pioneer since 2008, having the widest range of the spanish national market. They sell high-quality IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) fruits and vegetables in pouches.

They provide fruit and vegetable combinations with high nutritional value so that any restoration concept could incorporate a complementary healthy offer of natural juices without fats or added sugars.

The Company has been in the smoothies' business for the last 10 years, becoming leaders in the spanish market. This is the only activity the company does, which enables them to focus on providing the best customer experience. Furthermore, the company’s current customers are leaders in their activity sectors.

Some sectors in which their customers operate are: theme parks, franchise business, caterings companies, hotel chains, business centers, hospitals, gyms, etc.

The company is looking for a distributor in european and middle east countries with the possibility to store and shop frozen products and with experience and an existing customer base in the HORECA sector.

As the healthy lifestyle trend continues to grow, the company seeks to take advantage of it and expand their potential markets, which will be highly profitable for both parts. This will not only increase the sales, but also reinforce the previously mentioned trend that will lead to further benefits in the following years. By increasing their international presence, the company exepcts to become a reference point in the smoothie market in the European area.

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They aim to simplify the operation and maximize the profitability of the product. The company helps to improve the growth of the healthy food awareness and the need to improve profitability at the points of sale. The company adapts all the marketing (menu Cards, displays, videos, etc. to the theme of the sales point). They offer monthly followup on their customers on order processing, querie handing, customer care and analysis to improve sales. Direct distribution with temperature control. Fast and efficient delivery. Constant Innovation of new smoothies aligned with market trends. And others advantages like: • Fruit and vegetables all year round • Taste experience guarantee. • Quick and easy preparation. Approx. 1 min. • Long shelf life. (approx. 2 years).

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Already on the market

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Existing distributor in all european countries and middle east, covering a geographical area, who have the possibility to store and shop frozen products and with an existing customer base in the HORECA sector and with the possibility to store and distribute frozen products. Intersected in the demand of healthy products. The company's distributors are part of the company, so integration and communication in both directions are key to move the value chain to the final customer.

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SME <10