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Spanish manufacturer of organic juice and jam is looking for distributors

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A Spanish (Basque) SME specialised in blueberry, apple and mixed organic juices as well as blueberry jams is looking for distributors to develop its network under distribution services agreements



Blueberries are well known due to their countless properties. Regarding nutrition, they contain manganese, vitamins A, C, E and K, no fats and low protein. Additionally, several studies have shown they help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as different heart diseases. They also help to maintain antioxidant activity with beneficial effects against aging, helping brain function and memory due to the reduction of DNA damage.
Research also suggests that the presence of anthocyanins in blueberries has beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism that have an antidiabetic effect.
Blueberries contain anti adhesives and prevent bacteria like e-coli from binding to the walls of the bladder, which helps prevent urinary tract infections.

On the other hand, apples contain vitamin B, C and E, fibre and a high presence of minerals. This helps in strengthening the memory and reducing cholesterol. Moreover, it increases muscular capacity and has an antioxidant effect in the human tissue. It is also proven that apples help strengthening the immune system and reducing heart diseases. Because of their catechin and quercetin content, apples protect against the action of free radicals and therefore have anti-cancer properties.

The Basque company produces organic fresh blueberries as well as organic pasteurized juices of blueberries and apples in different bottle sizes of 200ml and 750ml. The SME manufactures organic blueberry jams with organic sugar, cane sugar and agave syrup as well. As far as the combined organic apple and blueberry juices are concerned, they help increase the amount of juice per bottle at a more economic cost per litre. For the future, the company is planning to produce and launch other new products to the markets, such as organic fruit purees.

The company is looking for a distribution service agreement in order to expand and develop their sales and commercial network internationally.

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The proposed products are certified as organic and are made from 100% pure fruit not from concentrated serum. The SME raw products are grown 100% ecologically. Thus, there is no use of pesticides or herbicides; they are free of synthetic products. In the case of the apple-based product, its juice has a unique tasting in mouth due to the specific acidity of the apples from northern Spain that result into a wholesome fine flavour combining sweetness and acidity. In addition, these products have long shelf lives.

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This Basque SME is looking for other EU companies interested in commercializing these products in their markets through the establishment of distribution services agreements. The partner sought could be wholesaler, distributor or a food retail chain. The role of the potential partner would be to promote the portfolio of the products as well as to sell the product within their distribution market.

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