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Spanish manufacturer of a smart storage heater is looking for international distributors.

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A Spanish company, specialised in the manufacturing of electric heating solutions, has developed a digital smart storage heater which is able to self-regulate its charge and to provide an intelligent control of the charge, achieving maximum energy savings. The company is looking for worldwide distributors.



With more than forty years working on the heating sector this Spanish company guarantees top-quality manufacturing and design in electric heating systems.

In response to the new ecological design requirements and as a result of its continuous improvement process, this company has developed a digital smart storage heater with adjustment and control of the accumulated charge. This static storage heater is totally programmable and allows remote management and control via wifi.

The management of the stored charge is reached through an integral energy manager (IEM) management module. This management module incorporates two distinguished features:

• Automatic regulation of the charge: this functionality allows the storage heater to determine the amount of energy which the system envisages the user will need and therefore achieve a continuous reduction in energy consumptionadapting to customer heating needs.

• Intelligent charge control: with the combination of temperature measurements in the storage core, the external temperature measurements and using the compensation heater element, the management module is capable of determine what percentage of charge is necessary to achieve the maximum energy savings.

This electrical heating solution adjusts the charge to the consumer’s need and daily climatic conditions, by making automatic daily corrections. The charge will always occur during the cheaper electricity tariff period, the off-peak time.
Additionally, the heating storage system allows the consumer to fix a temperature set point in order to obtain a level of comfort which meets his/her needs, with the minimum energy consumption possible.

Other Key features:

•Daily and weekly programming.
•Possibility of managing various charge periods.
•Three levels of temperature: comfort, economy and frost protection.
•Three operation modes: auto, manual, off.
•Open Window detection for reduced energy waste.
•Adaptive start function: if the user ask for a temperature set point at a particular time, this function enables the storage heater to come into action the necessary time beforehand to provide the temperature the user wants at the desired time.
•Presence detection using a control location system.
•Compatible con Alexa and Google Assistant.
•Easy to install and use.

Technical features:

•High quality insulation materials with low thermal conductivity.
•Temperature sensor with calibration option.
•Class I insulation.
•Safety thermostat with manual reset.
•Storage heating elements made of stainless steel.
•Intuitive Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display with advance control options.

The company is looking for increasing its international business development by looking for international ICT integrators willing to cooperate under a distribution agreement.

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•There are other static storage heaters on the market. Nevertheless, these traditional storage systems offer manual operation and the heating control that provide to the consumer is very limited. •This innovative static storage heater is able to self-regulate its charge and achieve savings in consumption. Around 35% of savings in energy consumption compared to other conventional manual storage heaters. •It assesses each day the energy consumption and loss of heat in the room to determine the future need for heat. It self-regulates in an automatic way the energy charge, adjusting it to the established need for comfort. •Complying with the European ErP (Energy related Products) Eco-Design Directive.

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This Spanish company has a wide background on the establishment of international agreements and currently is looking for new international opportunities. The company is looking for international distributors of heating systems willing to cooperate under a distribution agreement. The role of the partner sought is to commercialize this product within their area of influence.