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Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel tanks for the agro-alimentary and chemical industry is looking for engineering offices or representatives in the industrial sector for manufacturing and services agreement. Commercial agreement is also considered.

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Wine and liquors
Soft drinks and bottling plants
Industrial chemicals
Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
Manufacture of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal


Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel tanks for the food and chemical industry offers comprehensive solutions for liquid products processing, liquid conduction / dispensation and automation of industrial process. The company is looking for industrial engineering offices and departments for manufacturing and services agreements (design and mechanical engineering solutions). Commercial agreement is also considered in order to expand its market products.



Spanish family-owned business in its second generation dedicated to manufacture of stainless steel tanks and other products focusing on the food and chemical industries.
The company produces a line of stainless steel tanks of varying qualities and designs, depending on the field they are required for, using the most efficient and innovative welding processes. Tanks are developed depending on customer requirements. Stainless steel tanks can be built using any quality or finish and provided with all the necessary accessories in its application.
It also designs and manufactures a wide range of deposits and reactors for mixing, dissolving or homogenizing liquid products.
Great experience in fluid conduction and dispensation, offering different solutions for piping installation and the instrumentation necessary to control the different processes necessary for a food or chemical product.
The engineering team is consistently improving upon industrial production processes, along with process automation through the installation of programmable automatons to systematically and safely carry out the different phases of food processing. The engineering services are provided by qualified personnel developing comprehensive projects for process.
The company has developed a wide range of solutions for the food industry: snack fryers, drainers, product transport, automatic and semi-automatic fillers, dispensers, mixers, calibrators…
The company is interested in working and collaborating with industrial engineering offices and departments specialiced in industrial projects in the sector of food and chemical industry. The companies could establish long term collaboration in the manufacturement of the tanks, providing also assesment in the process of design of the structures and providing the best technological solutions for each process.
The company is also interested in finding commercial representatives for their products in the field of chemical and agroalimentary sector, specially in berevages with the aim or increasing it market share and posicioning its know-how in the industrial sector.

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The company caters to the most demanding specifications, using different design codes and manufacturing certificates required for correct manufacturing production (AD-Merkblatter, CODAP …) Their know-how and experience allow them to offer quality and speed in the development of projects in accordance with the expectations of the most demanding client. Global solutions are offered to the varied needs required by different industrial and agro-alimentary sectors.

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Industrial engineering offices with experience and clients in agroalimentary and chemical sector. The partner for commercial activities should have technical expertise in the field or in case of distribution should have commercial contacts with the relevant stakeholders.