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Spanish manufacturer of ultra-photoluminescent materials for signposting and marking of bike lanes and pedestrian areas seeks commercial agents

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The company is based in Valencia (Spain) and its purpose is the development of ultra photo-luminescent elements with an intensity of light and a decay time much higher than other existing similar products. These elements are prepared to withstand the weather, a characteristic that usual luminescent elements do not have, since they are used for indoor beaconing. The company looks for commercial agents and partners in Europe.



The technology based company, located in Spain, manufactures photoluminescent materials (not paints) for the infrastructure, landscaping and mining fields.
Photoluminescence consists in emitting light from a material caused by the excitation of photons (UV or visible light). Its electrons absorb exterior light, store it as energy and release it through visible light. No other stimulus is required.
Unlike radioluminescent materials (tritium capsules), the materials used are not radioactive because the excitation source is exclusively light (photons), nor are they toxic, and they do not contain phosphorus or lead, or any other heavy metal. Thus they clearly meet UNE 23035 requirements.
The mission of the firm includes research, production and implementing photoluminescence technology in order to prolong people’s active life at nighttime, contribute to urban sustainability by cutting light pollution, and improve energy efficiency and reduce the CO2 footprin, generate new singular aesthetic projects by using photoluminescence in singular buildings, particular dwellings and private green spaces, and promote local administrations to implement photoluminescent systems that generate new activity opportunities in public areas.
Likewise, the company is committed to sustainability and the environment. They are perfectly aligned with the smart cities strategies and the fight against climate change.
The company is looking to identify commercial agents throughout Europe, who already represent products related to urban planning, civil works, landscaping and architecture and who have documented sales to relevant public authorities.

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Similar materials have been used almost exclusively, for indoor uses. But when these materials are used outdoors, they experience a rapid degradation (due to exposure to inclement weather, such as ultraviolet radiation, rain, wind, etc.) as well as a light intensity lower than is required in outdoor uses, due to limitations that do not appear inside the buildings such as, for example, a greater light pollution and a not so pronounced contrast between light and dark as it is occurring slowly (during dusk). Therefore, materials have been achieved whose behavior is suitable for the demands of its use outdoors, due to its greater intensity of brightness and duration of the same, as well as its resistance to inclement weather.

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Companies related to Eco-efficiency, circular economy and innovative materials.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for possible partners that are already manufacturers of products related to eco-efficiency and circular economy.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250