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Spanish nutritional supplements' SME is looking for distributors with experience in health food products willing to collaborate under distribution or commercial agency agreements

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As a young innovative SME, the Spanish company activities focus on R&D, manufacturing and selling proprietary compounds for healthy nutrition. Counting with a patented functional ingredient, and having developed an innovative omega-3 nutritional supplement. Willing to enter into new markets the company is looking for distributors specialized in health food products, offering collaboration under distribution and commercial agency agreements.



The Spanish SME was founded in 2016, promoted by a well-experienced entrepreneur coming from a Spanish food industry manufacturer. As a food science technology-based company its activities cover every step from new knowledge generation to research and development of new food products.
With strong experience in innovative food product documentation and setting new nutritional strategies based on new scientific knowledge. The company holds one of the first European patents approved in the field.
Counting with scientific publications in indexed journals and experience conducting various clinical trials in children and adults, their innovation effort is focus in the creation of a sound bioactive ingredients portfolio with specific uses for healthy food products. Its product line comprises, functional foods, nutritional supplements and precision dietary strategies for healthy diets with double impact, one, helping to maintain and improve health, and second, to use it as a therapeutic tool in the chronic disease setting.
Following the motto of Horizon 2020, the European Union's R & D & I framework program, the company mission is to take products “From lab to the market”, contributing to the creation of value in the food industry and the well-being of the population.
Actually immerse in growth via internationalization, the company is looking for healthy food related distributors with clients as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Collaboration is offered under distribution or commercial agency agreements.

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The field of functional food ingredients has been growing steadily in Spain, originating a competitive and innovative environment. New products in the form of new ingredients, with proven healthy properties take years to complete their way from development to its commercialization. The accumulated team experience, combined with a well established network of research and technical providers and a lab to market approach, are key advantages for the company who has built an innovative product pipeline. First product developed and tested, is a new nutritional ingredient with a formula based in the combination of different compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory activities, with healthy effects regarding heart, brain and vision normal functioning, among others. Compounds include, omega-3 supplement, rosemary antioxidants and AOVE (virgin extra quality olive oil). It is commercialized under single-dose sachets packaging making it attractive for new premium dressing for restaurants, hotels and catering industries as well as a perfect combination for ready to eat products as fresh salads, and vegetables mixes.

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The company searchs distributors or commercial agencies preferably with experience with healthy food products with access or good established relations with supermarkets, restaurants, catering companies or gyms. Collaboration is offered under commercial agency or distribution agreements.

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