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Spanish researcher offering new method for salted anchovy fermenting looks for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

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A researcher from the North of Spain has developed a new technology for the ripening of anchovies. Currently this new manufacturing process is under patent application. The technology is transferable to other seafood products. The researcher would be interested to cooperate with other companies of the agrofood sector under license agreements or technical cooperation agreements.



Nowadays, anchovy and fish ripening takes more than five or six months for getting the best flavour, colour and textural properties of the product.
A Spanish researcher, specialized in fermenting processes of salted fish, has developed an innovative technology for the ripening of fish. This new technology gets to reduce to only one month or less the time of fermentation thanks to the use lactic acid and micrococcaceae bacteria. These microorganisms, essential for fermentation of anchovy, get to lower maturing time and also decrease the concentration of salt of the final product below 5%, instead of the usual 13-15%. The technology is based in fermentation and moderate temperatura, getting high flavored fish quality and low salinity during the fermentation. The process, apart from being transferable to other seafood product, is safe and allows a quick implementation of different products on the market.
The potential partner should belong to Agro-food industry or products related with the ripening process. Thanks to the patent granted, the company is looking for license agreement or/and technical cooperation agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- The system enhances the sensory quality and safety of fermented products, allowing controlling harmful flora such as the aerobic mesophilic bacteria, enterobacteriaceae or staphylococci and improving the flavour profile. - The process is safe and allows a quick implementation of different products on the market. - Use of starter cultures for manufacturing of fermented fish. - The new technology allows to lower ripening time of the anchovy which decreases stock costs. - These technology can be easily implemented following different industrial modifications in most of the seafood products. - Allows the reduction of sodium which follows the European guidelines on reduction of salt in agro-food products to make them healthier.

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Available for demonstration

Partner sought

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The partner sought should be a company related to Agrofood Industry, in the manufacturer of ripening products area, looking forward to further development of the technology in ripening products. The type of partnership considered would be under license agreement and/or technical cooperation agreement given the specific know-how of the method. This partnership would entail: - Researching partnership focusing on appropriate technologies to respond to client´s needs. - Arrangement for pursuing collaborative R&D, including research and joint projects. - On-demand problem solving with predefined results and tend to be articulated through contract research, consulting, and licensing.