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A Spanish SME developer of a new system to transform regular chlorinated swimming pools into naturally depurated ones, seeks international partners for its distribution

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A Spanish SME specialized in the sustainability field has designed and developed a new system for natural swimming water depuration. The product is totally adaptable to any pool dimension, and the biological filter is based on living aquatic plants, so it does not need any them http://ical product for water purifying. The company is searching for international partners to distribute or commercialize its product under a commercial or distribution agreement. License agreements are also possible.



The company was established in 2014 and has grown constantly since then. It is deeply specialized in nature based solutions, through the integration of nature and architecture. The Spanish SME has developed different systems for vertical gardens, green roofs, natural pools and other green tools. Due to that experience it has participated on European funded projects to implement green infrastructures in urban environments.

The company has developed a system to transform conventional existing pools into natural pools. This system performs water purification by natural means: using aquatic plants and other beneficial and non-dangerous microorganisms for people who carry out the necessary processes of the nitrogen cycle. Natural pools base their operation on the activation of the nitrogen cycle: Firstly, it promotes the appearance of beneficial bacteria that transform ammonia into nitrate through a biological filter. Then plants carry out a nitrate absorption process by removing these nutrients from the water. As a consequence of that the use of chlorine or any other chemical product is unnecessary in these natural pools.

The system components are: draining sheet, selected expanded clay layer, selected porous gravels, acuatic plants selection, pump equipment and complementary filter. It has been tested and executed in real customer cases. The company advise, design, and provide all the required materials of the product, and offer supervision and follow up of the complete system.

The enterprise is currently commercializing this system in the national market and is interested on finding international partners to expand it abroad. The Spanish SME is willing to stablish a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement with companies specialized in the installation or maintenance of swimming pools that could be interested on offering this system as added value and sustainable service. The Spanish SME is also open to license agreements with service providers or engineering companies specialized in the sector.

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The main advantages of the system are: ·It prevents the appearance of allergies or alterations in skin, eyes and other mucous membranes. As a consequence of that the bath experience is similar to swimming in a river or lake. ·The system can be implemented in any kind of pool (existing or new). It does not need a specific design to be transformed into a natural swimming pool. ·The technology used saves costs in the use of chemical products. ·Water clearance occurs naturally and it guarantees water transparency. ·The clarity level of the water can be adjusted modifying filters or cleaning systems. ·It provides little or no maintenance. In addition pool walls remain clean. ·The system does not need the use of chemicals products that can be harmful to health for water treatment ·Natural pools allow the incorporation of fish or amphibians if wanted and provides a complete integration with the garden. ·No construction work is necessary as it is an easy assembly system. ·The system also allows the reuse of existing treatment plant.

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The Spanish SME has developed and implemented a system to transform conventional chlorinated swimming pools into naturally depurated ones. It can be also used to design and build new pools. This innovative product has been implemented in different final costumer cases in Spain and is nowadays commercialized directly by the inventor. The enterprise is now looking for partners to distribute and commercialize this system internationally. The Spanish SME is looking for companies specialized in the installation or maintenance of swimming pools that could be interested on including this innovative and sustainable solution in their service offer. Therefore, the company is willing to find solid partners, to establish reliable relationships, under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. In addition, The Spanish SME is also open to license agreements with service providers or engineering companies specialized in the sector.

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