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Spanish SME that manufactures and distributes biostimulant, bioprotection and specialty nutrition solutions to more than 60 countries since 1982 is searching for international partners to distribute its products

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A Spanish company, a world leader in the plant health and biocontrol sector with commercial presence in 4 continents, produces biostimulant, bioprotection and specialty nutrition solutions specially adapted to any kind of soil or climate. The SME is searching for solid partners / distributors for its products globally, able to establish a win-win commercial relationship through commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.



The Spanish company was founded in 1982, employs more than 170 workers and nowadays is a reference in the biostimulant & biopesticide sector worldwide. Its main activity is formulating and manufacturing specialty nutrition, biostimulation and bioprotection products for plants, providing its solutions to the market in more than 60 countries within American, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The company counts on two production centers, one in Spain and another one in Honduras. Nowadays the company has five commercial subsidiaries in North, Central and South America, specifically in Honduras, México, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru, and its working on the creation of other subsidiaries.

The company has two R+D+i teams with PhDs profiles focused mainly in biostimulation and bioprotection with wide experience in plant physiology and agronomy. The company also works with international technical centers to complement its R&D+I department. In order to provide the best solutions to the farmer, the company has several R&D facilities such as: nursery greenhouse, 3 laboratories, 3 growth chambers, green house, open field areas. That means that the SME has a technical team to provide support to any partner of the company.

The company performs excellent production and distribution processes, offering specific solutions formulated for the specific needs of its clients. It counts with experience in the Southern and Northern hemispheres and all different climates during the whole year. Throughout its history, the company has developed solutions adapted to the most of the crops. Successful trials are done every year in different crops such as vegetables, fruits, extensive crops, etc.

The Spanish SME is willing to stablish a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement with a well-established partner abroad to expand their worldwide distribution network.

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The company has a deep knowledge in developing customize solutions to solve its partner’s issues. The SME has several certifications to warranty that the product arrives to the partner in the best conditions (quality, stability, traceability, etc.), highlighting ISO9001:2015. The company also works with the main international entities to certify its organic products: ECOCERT; organic material review institute (OMRI); sociedad hispana de certificación S.A. (SHC). The company has a wide range of products to cover all the needs of the farmer and has 6 main product lines: - Biostimulants & free aminoacids - Organic products & botanical extracts - Humic acids and organic matter - Foliar & liquid fertilizer - Deficiency correctors - Soluble fertilizers for soil application made with chelated microelements The company is looking to develop solid & long-term relationships with its partners always in a win-win scenario and a collaborative relationship. The company provides training to its partners to be able to offer the best solution to farmers.

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The Spanish company is looking for solid partners, to establish reliable relationships, under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Partners interested on commercial agency agreements are sought to promote its products sales in exchange of commission. They should present a solid portfolio of contacts in the agricultural inputs sector. Partners sought for distribution services agreements should present a solid distribution network, a sales team with technical training, significant knowledge of their country and relevant volume of activity in the fertilizer or agrochemical sector.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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