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A Spanish SME offering natural solutions to grow fruit and vegetables without chemical residues is looking for distributors worldwide

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The company from Spain is active in the development, manufacture and marketing of natural fertilizers, bioinsecticides and biofungicides, and provides technical advice in organic and zero chemical residues solutions for agriculture, contributing to a sustainable environment and to a healthy way of human feeding. It is looking for distributors worldwide.



The company offering the solutions is established in Spain. They cover all the steps of the process by dedication of their resources to research, development, innovation, manufacturing and marketing of natural fertilizers, biopesticides and biofungicides based on plants and minerals extracts.
They also provide technical advice regarding the use of their products in organic and/or chemical residue free agriculture, which respect the environment and allow farmers to produce their crops at competitive prices avoiding the use or the excess of chemical pesticides.
These natural solutions guarantee the growth of fruits and vegetables without any chemical residue. The company develops its own technology to obtain free residues and effective solutions and cover all the growers needs allowing the farmers distinguish themselves, increase their profitability and open up to new markets with greater added value, that is to say selling high quality healthy farming products for consumers at large markets at a competitive price.
The company supports the farmers in the process of acquiring the required skills to control pests and diseases in crops without chemicals and guarantee similar costs per hectare than conventional plantations.
Environmentally-friendly and regulatory careful, the company studies and respects always the law in each country where their products are sold. So, prior to market, any product is registered in the correspondent public organization, abiding all the legal requirements.
Currently the company is looking for distributors interested in selling this kind of solutions to growers that looks for residue free o very low MRL (Maximum residue limit) in their productions. Commercial agreements are expected to be reached.

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The company has these values as advantages: Innovation with an own R&D+I department, client oriented, closeness and flexibility, honesty and transparency, commitment and responsibility and ethics. Certified quality as well as ecological certified. It is is one of the most award-recognised businesses in its sector that testify to the great effort invested in quality and R&D relating to new products for use in sustainable agriculture. Besides, it has experience in international business ant the products offer also advantages. The solutions provided by the company improve crop quality with full respect for human health and the environment, and they also contribute to stimulation, recovery and maintenance of the natural fertility of the soil, helping to protect without chemical residues native plants and animal species

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for business partners acting as a local distributor or trader. They look for an agricultural distribution company of fertilizers, additives or chemicals from all over the world. The sought partner has to be also interested in implementing new, innovative chemical technologies from abroad. The sought partner should be experienced in international contacts and have sales opportunities in wholesale quantities. Role of the partner sought would be the distribution to its custumers of their new solutions. Boots the sales of the solutions in its country or influence area. Joint to register products in its country.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250