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Spanish SME offers 3D digital content and 3D models under subcontracting agreement.

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The Spanish company is specialised in production and post-production of 3D models and 3D videos and images. More specifically, it provides 3D animation services, including Full HD, VR (virtual reality) media, Fulldome and 360° videos. Its studio develops compelling 3D reconstructions and animations about archaeological, historical, technical and scientific topics. Subcontracting agreement is sought.



The Spanish company field of activity is digital video production, post-production, 3D modelling and texturing. More specifically the company develops:
- Digital images, animations and 3D videos, including panoramic for VR devices, in the fields of entertainment, education, science, technology, archaeology and history.
- Chroma Key to insert real actors into digital videos and into panoramic VR devices.
- Multilingual audio guides, special effects and background music for videos.
- 3D digital reconstructions for documentaries or videos concerning history and archaeology, in particular military history and Roman archaeology.
- Digital images and illustrations for magazines and books specialized in history and archaeology.
- Infographics, animations and maps for documentaries, TV shows and live events.
- 3D models for cinema and TV productions and creative digital content developers.
- Photorealistic architectural visualisations and previsualizations.
- 3D modelling (high and low poly) and texturing about historical topics including military vehicles, aircrafts and ships.
- Post-production and visual special effects for cinema and television.

In the last two years, the company produced three 3D panoramic animated videos for VR devices. These videos are currently used in Rome by tour operators and touristic guides for archaeological and historical tours, and by several Italian schools to assist teachers during their lessons. The 3D panoramic videos are additionally available in some VR points in Rome.

The company rents and sells panoramic and non-panoramic videos. More concretely, cultural and educational institutions can take advantage of renting the videos for a short period.

The desired outcome of the subcontracting agreement is to provide with the technology/product to the clients, which are museums, broadcast companies, documentary producers, educational institutions, archaeological institutions, tour operators, magazines, etc. The company would like to expand its international business.

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Company’s mastery is developing high-quality 3D images and video, guaranteed by a deep study of history, photorealism and meticulous study of details that make images lively and vivid. Furthermore, the SME expertise is Chroma Key technique, used to insert real actors into panoramic and non-panoramic digital videos. The company has international experience since 2010, and its founder-CEO since 1996, being a solid leader in the field of digital productions from a long time. The company has collaborated with leading cinema, TV and documentary productions, as well as with museums and public institutions and, during the last two years, also with tour operators to develop VR tours in Rome. The company rents / sells the videos, both panoramic and non-panoramic, therefore cultural and education institutions can make the most of this product without waiting long time. The strength of the company is the extensive experience, accuracy and deep knowledge of history and archaeology, and ultimately reasonable prices.

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The type of partner sought falls into two categories: 1. Companies and professionals interested in 3D models, such as cinema and TV productions, videogames and creative digital content developers. 2. Company and professionals interested in 3D animations and videos, including panoramic animation and videos, such as museums and museum managers, cultural institutions, tour operators, tourism guides, architects, documentary productions, history and archaeological publishers. The desired cooperation agreement is long-term subcontracting. The partner company should define the requirements and afterward, the company will provide comprehensive services (designing, costing, execution, staff training, etc.) adjusted to the individual needs of the client. More specifically, the company is seeking partners to broaden its international business (e.g. 3D panoramic videos that the company has already deployed in the city of Rome).