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Spanish SME offers digital marketing services to improve the dissemination and commercialization of technological products or services under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting

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A Spanish company (SME) delivers since more than 20 years ago services on digital communication. Due to that experience they have applied a methodology specifically oriented to disseminate and communicate innovative products and services. These dissemination strategies are deployed both to communicate innovations to stakeholders and to introduce them into the market. These services are offered under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.



A Spanish SME with more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing sector has developed a specific expertise on transmitting and communicating technological products and services, as well as complex industrial technologies. On the basis of this expertise, the SME has participated on international cooperation agreements under EU LIFE or EEA Grants.

The SME has accumulated a wide experience in tackling technological projects that require specialists in written and visual communication to achieve the client’s objectives improving the visibility of its products/services. In all cases the number of visits to the website were doubled –at least- and as a consequence of that the number of leads was increased.

For the development of its services the SME applies the design thinking metodology. It is an agile methodology created by the Stanford University that the company has applied since 6 years ago providing sound results. The methodology is applied in 4 steps:

1. Empathize.The maing goal is to understand in depth how to connect and communicate with the audiences of the client. Ethnographic techniques are applied to discover how the audiences behaves and which are their pains and gains.

2.Define.The approach to the communication is defined in order to connect with the previously analyzed audience. The aim is to speak their language through the suitable means and with the most appropriate written and visual language.

3. Ideate and prototype. Creative team takes the information from the two previous steps and establish the creative path developing a prototype in the form of a draft to be shown to the client.

4. Test. A draft version is presented to a selected audience (already trusted stakeholders of the SME’s client) to get its feedback. Suggestions are included and detected weak points are solved to deliver a final service.

The main services provided by the SME are:

• Corporate image (naming, logo and manual) that identifies the technological product / service or technology
• Commercial dossier with characteristics, operation, advantages...
• Website
• Interfaces design for software
• Illustrations and infographics
• Advergaming
• Mobile applications
• Video/animation that visually explains functionalities and results that the stakeholder can achieve thanks to that product, technological service or technology.

This service chart has been previously applied to disseminate and commercialize complex issues like scientific research results, industrial products, digital services or open data repositories trying to make them accessible to a wider audience. Some previous business cases are:

• Dissemination and communication of a technology for the recovery of phosphorus by an industrial and research and development corporate enterprise listed on the main stock market index in Spain (IBEX35).
• Interface design for an automated car key return machine for an international rent a car enterprise.
• Social awareness media campaign for a nongovernmental organization of people with autism spectrum disorders, including procedures and recommendations for employees and parents.

As it has been stated above the company has a wide experience on collaborating with national and international enterprises and entities through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements to provide their expertise on communicating complex technologies and services.

Advantages & innovations

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• Use of user-centered agile methodologies to understand the target audience in depth and to engage with them. • Multidisciplinary team with communication experts, illustrators, graphic designers, user experience/user interface designers, image and video experts, creative copywriters. This allows to develop tailor-made projects without the need to outsource to a different company. • Broad experience (20 years) in a wide range of sectors: automotive, real state, agrofood, heath, research and development, hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry, fertilizers’ education, sports, public sector, nongovernmental organizations... • The company’s work has been awarded at an international level with the bentley awards and, at a national level, with the best digital ideas award from the newspaper Expansión. Some of the projects developed by the Spanish SME have been published in the web design index books and in the interactiva magazine related to digital communication. In addition, it has been prized in several awards in a local and regional level.

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Companies, research institutes or universities interested on introducing innovative technologies, products or services into the market. These innovations could be disruptive in their fields from a technical point of view but without an appropriate communication strategy to address the target audience, they could fail when introducing them into the market. To cover this gap, the Spanish SME provides communication and dissemination services for these innovations through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements. The target audience of these services could be any of the client’s stakeholders, such as employees, suppliers, shareholders, corporate clients or individuals. Those services could be delivered both for start-ups or consolidated business that need an interface design for their innovative technology, product or service.


Dissemination pieces for an innovative technology


Infographics to easily communicate a wider manual on procedures and recommendations