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Spanish SME seeks a partner willing to use or distribute an innovative railway mobile device for surveying and mapping of the catenary or overhead line equipment (OLE) system

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Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
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Railway Transport
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A Spanish SME company specialised in the railway sector has developed a real time, mobile mapping solution device of use for designer, installers and maintenance companies of catenary or overhead line equipment (OLE) systems, as well as tunnel profiles. The company is looking for partners involved in the railway industry interested in distribution services, license or services agreement for distributing or using this device abroad.



Spanish company has more than 45 years of experience in the field of engineering and construction in the railway sector, including the design and installation of catenary / OLE and energy supply networks, electric substations, signalling and communication systems in Spain and abroad. One of the company’s big bets is innovation, it has been, for 10 years, developing a device which measures, records and evaluates, in real-time and on-site, several geometrical parameters of the railroad environment, considered critical for infrastructure administrators.

Thanks to its innovative foldable design, the product is a portable, lightweight and easy-to-handle device, enabling an operator to easily place the trolley over the track and push it alongside. It has several sensors integrated in the trolley, which collects data and provides the inputs needed by the software. Its up-to-date and machine-learning algorithms treat the data recorded and gives the chance to the user to visualize the defined measurements in an embedded software, without the need of later office post-processing of the information.

All this can help companies involved in the construction, maintenance or update of railway infrastructures such as engineering design surveying, control of minimal electrical clearances; tunnel survey and gauge control and gives as-built documentation. It can be used also in non-electrified railway lines for gauge control, vegetation control and mobile mapping applications.

The product also provides real time information both to people in the field, while working, and at the same time in the office, saving time and money for companies. Each of the devices is engineered, tested and carefully documented.

The company is seeking partners worldwide. The profile of the partner should be a company from the railway industry, the device could be used in other sectors, if the potential partner company can find synergies by using this technology. Mainly, the kind of company that is sought are related with design, installation and maintenance of electrification; quality control of the OLE system; and also, mobile mapping in the field of the railway.

The company is expecting mid- or long-term cooperation with partners under distribution services, license or services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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The product offers real time information not only in the track while the user is working but also, at the same time, is able to show the same information in the office through a collaborative web platform. So, the information can be double-checked from the office at the same time giving the opportunity to detect and solve installation problems without having to wait to process the information. Manual measurement methods are widely extended in the measurement of the OLE systems. In comparison with the actual methods (automatic and manual) utilised, this device present innovations and advantages as: - on-site and real-time treatment of the information and measurements recorded - allows analysing more kind of tracks - is more flexible, without stopping the traffic - requires less time and money in comparison with others measurement methods - quicker, agiler - allows to work in bigger projects - avoid the human error The company: • has a long experience in the field of railway and industry electronics • highly-qualified engineering team

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The profile of the partner searched should be a company related to the railway industry, train operators or railway operators. It could be related with different branches of the industry, as for example, contractors or engineering companies working in electrification projects, in quality control or related to mobile mapping solutions. A desire feature for new partners are related with the knowledge of their national railway. The company is seeking a partner interested in using or distributing the device offered. This partnership could take place under different kind of agreements, depending on the company profile: distribution service, license or service agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500