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A Spanish SME, specialized in the field of building and urban nature based solutions, is looking for sustainable materials for waterproof boards, alternative to PVC, to be implemented in its vertical garden systems

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A Spanish SME specialized in the sustainability field has designed a series of vertical garden systems. The company is looking for a sustainable and waterproof board alternative to the standard PVC panels they are nowadays applying in their systems. The company is searching for an international construction materials manufacturer or distributor able to provide an alternative board under a supplier agreement.



The company was established in 2014 and has grown constantly since then. It is deeply specialized in nature based solutions, through the integration of nature and architecture. The Spanish SME has developed different systems for vertical gardens, green roofs, natural pools and other green tools. Due to that experience it has participated on European funded projects to implement green infrastructures in urban environments.

The company is seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of its construction systems by using more environmentally friendly and plastic-free materials. At the moment the company is using PVC panels as a waterproof layer to implement its vertical garden systems, but they are looking for more sustainable materials to perform the same functions and achieve equivalent performance. The company envisages different alternatives for these panels, among others:

·Plastic-free boards.
·Panels made of biodegradable plastics.
·Boards made of recycled plastic adding the possibility to be revalorized in case of eventual dismounting of the vertical garden.

These panels will be anchored to walls and facades of existing buildings on the structure of the building itself, or on a new metal frame structure to be built for this purpose. The substrate will be placed on the surface of these boards to house the plants in the vertical garden.

The cooperation will be based on supplier agreement. The company has experience in foreign cooperation and they are looking for suppliers of waterproof panels made of sustainable materials.

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Technical parameters of sought products are: - Quality and waterproofing guarantee for ten years. - Must be able to be stapled or screwed. - Must have resistance to be screwed to strips. - The panels must be able to be joined together and sealed. - Must be able to be cut easily. - To reduce the carbon footprint compared to the standard PVC boards they are nowadays applying in their system. - Fire resistant if possible. See attached images and drawings for more info about the vertical garden system developed.

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Already on the market

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The Spanish SME is looking for a board producer or a building material distributor able to supply panels providing the above described technical requirements. The partnership proposed will be based on supplier agreement. Both small and large companies are possible as long as they could provide technical assistance, sale and transport to Spain.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Assembly process 2. Stone wool anchored to PVC boards.


Assembly process 3. Final result of the vertical garden mounting process.


Assembly process 1. PVC boards (to be replaced by the alternative material) anchored to steel frame


System 2. Vertical garden mounted on stone wool.


System 1. Vertical garden mounted on a geotextile