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A Spanish start-up providing high biotech services and molecular genetic based laboratory trials to livestock, veterinary and agro-food sectors requires commercial agents and outsourcing agreements.

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A Spanish start-up specialised in biotech services applied to the veterinary services, agrofood sector and livestock industry, offers a high professional level of performance in conducting state-of-the-art molecular genetic based laboratory trials, under a flexible, dynamic and customised approach. The company is looking for commercial agents, targeted to companies providing veterinary and biotech services, and outsourcing agreements, targeted to agrofood and livestock industries.



The Spanish company is a spin-off coming from a high biotech research group located in a public Spanish university. The team is made up of reliable and highly qualified professionals with ample experience in research and in providing high-tech biotech services. The company houses its own laboratory premises equipped with state-of-the-art molecular technology.

The company is able to apply its scientific knowledge and technology to any farming species, although they are specialised in poultry and apiculture.

The company provides the following services:

Poultry farming / birds genetic laboratory trials
The absence of sexual dimorphism in some species or in juvenile stages makes it necessary to conduct molecular analysis to accurately identify sex assignments. The company specializes in using genetic techniques for sexing birds (chicks and adults) from feathers or blood samples. The company specifically analyses the CHD gene (CHD - Chromo-helicase-DNA), which varies between the sex chromosomes of birds. The company offers other birds genetic based services, such as PBFD / Psittacosis Detection, paternity and filiation testing for birds of prey, DNA test for pigeons, DNA sexing by eggshell,

Apiculture: DNA based analysis of pathogens in bees and bumblebees
The diseases that affect hives cause significant economic losses in the beekeeping sector. Avoiding the spread of diseases is crucial, Therefore, a good diagnosis of the causative pathogen is a key input to establish the most effective control and apply the correct treatment. The company works on diagnosing the diseases that affect bees (Apis sp.) and bumblebees (Bumbus sp.), and offers a complete genetic and microscopic service to detect pathogens in individuals, beehives and pollen, such as Acarapis woodi, Mellitobia, Locustacarus bruchneri, Vitula edmandsii, Aethinia tumida, Tropilaelaps clareae, Crithidia bombi, Apicystis bombi, virus DW / ABP / virus KB / IAP, Loque American (Paenibacillus larvae), Loque European (Melissococcus pluton).

Agrofood and food quality genetic based analysis
The company provides the food industry a complete list of services, which range from genetic pathogen detection to the molecular authentication of meat and detecting genetically modified organisms (GMO), such as food authentication and trace detection, useful for the labeling and traceability of processed products based on blends and mixtures, detection of allergens with DNA-based and PCR techniques,
even for processed products, detection of transgenic, DNA and genetics analysis based authentication of Dietary Laws (Halal Khoser, etc.).

Scientific advice and outsourcing of genetic based analysis for R&D&I projects
The company also offers highly specialised scientific-technical counselling in genetics applied to R&D and innovation projects. The company team is highly qualified and allows to offer customers all-round advice ranging from collecting samples to interpreting results. The company is specialised scientific-technical advice in the field of genetics applied to research and development projects in preservation of threatened species and biodiversity.

The company is looking for partners able and ready to act as commercial agent, primarily companies already marketing veterinary services or biotech-based services to the poultry, livestock, apiculture and agrofood industries. His functions will be prescribing the company’s high-tech services, collecting client’s orders, managing all the information and communication channels between the Spanish company and the final client. The company also offers outsourcing agreements to industrial partners requiring genetics based analyses.

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• High quality and innovative services that replace the traditional microbiology methods, which use to be slower and more complicated than the technics applied by the company. • In the case of bird’s genetics, it is the only method to define the gender of the birds. • E-commerce. The company offers an e-commerce platform to make easier the placing orders and speed up all the commercial procedures and the transmission of the information to final clients. • Limited competition: the company offers services that are not new in the market, but are provided by a limited number of competitors.

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Already on the market

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- Type 1 of partner sought: Company, intermediary agent. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners with knowledge / contacts in the field of life sciences /veterinary / food safety. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: To find local customers for a variety of genetic based services. - Type 2 of partner sought: Agrofood industry, poultry industry, apiculture industry, livestock, veterinary, biotech services provider. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners with knowledge / contacts in the field of life sciences /veterinary / food safety. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: Outsourcing of specialised services.