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Spanish water sports clothing manufacturer seeks for agents/distributors or manufacturing agreements

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Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
Finishing of textiles


Spanish sporting and water sports clothes manufacturer is looking for agents/distributors or manufacturing agreements. The company has its production premises in Barcelona with high production capacity. They are able also to perform as manufacturer for other brands. Potential partners should have experience in swimming, triathlon, cycling, and sports clothes.



Spanish company located in Barcelona in 2007 by a well-known water polo player, designs and produce sports clothes and complements, mainly focused in water sports such as swimming and Waterpolo and also in triathlon and gymnastic equipment. They have worked with some of the most prestigious Waterpolo clubs, colleges, and schools. They offer standard products but they can personalize them as per clients requests, including logos for clubs or original designs. Printing them all at their premises in Barcelona.
Their products are addressed to both professional or domestic users, and also they offer products for men, women or children.
Among others, some of the key individual features of their products are:
For water sports products:
- Fabric of maximum quality chlorine and anti-peeling resistant.
- Black polyester lining for greater resistance and intimacy
For cycling products:
-Microperforated fabrics only designed for effective and permanent transpiration.
-Silicone rubber located in the lower part of the garment, which provides a tighter fit around the kidney area.
- Skintight fabric that reduces fatigue
Although the company has national and international experience, with clients worldwide their production capacity allows them to look for new clients, and in this sense, they are seeking for new commercial agents or distributors specialized in the water sports equipment. Furthermore, they offer their production capacity, premises, and machinery to other companies by signing manufacturing agreements.

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- Production can be 100% personalized - Best raw materials quality - Latest technology and machinery

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for two types of partners. On one hand, they are willing to broaden their international presence by looking for distributors willing to increase their portfolio with water sports clothes. This partner could be an agent/distributor well connected in swimming, triathlon, and sports clubs, or a company already distributing swimming or sports clothes. On the other hand, due to their big production capacity, they are open to sign manufacturing agreements, to other companies that manufacture swimming suits and caps, and triathlon and cycling suits.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, United Kingdom