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Specialized professional software, particularly in the areas of textile, knitting, footwear and metallurgical manufacturing industries, is offered for commercial agency and license agreements

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Portuguese company has the main goal of creating IT solutions for the manufacturing industries, creating products that are easy to use and implement, responding to specific needs to improve the production process. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements and license agreements with agents or companies with knowledge in the market of manufacturing industries. The software offered allows managing production processes, human resources and machines in industrial planning.



Portuguese company located in the Region Centro of Portugal develops specialized software for management and adaptation to the corporate structure, allowing to obtain objective results and to present exhaustive diagnoses of its evolution (product life cycle and control of production).

The Portuguese company is looking for partners in order to offer its different types of systems/software:
- ERP: focused on the confectionery, knitwear, footwear and metallurgical industries, incorporates many of the demands required in order to solve the needs of different branches of activity. This solution keeps track of the product life cycle, from the customer's order to the invoice issue. Many processes are automated or semiautomatic in order to accelerate processes and minimize operating errors. Example: automatic creation of orders to suppliers based on the calculation of requirements per order or manufacturing orders; automatic creation of invoices having as origin of quantities in pack list / order of manufacture. The software allows to integrate other solutions such as CAD, accounting system or others, adapting to the structure of each company.

- Manufacturing Execution System: control of production and productivity, based on several factors such as the expected time / real time of each production phase of each manufacturing order. The recording of the movements can be done manually, through registration of tickets by bar code, or via online where the registration is done immediately to each action performed using mobile or fixed data collection devices. This system is mainly used to support decision making. Example: if a production phase has a stop, it is possible to change production line /
phase, without the effect of this stop has a great waste of time.

- Industrial planning: the system allows to plan resources according to internal and external capacity (human resources / machines) and allows to automatically or manually plan work orders, relating the period required for production (delivery period) based on the resources available. It is also possible to control all manufacturing orders that are produced internally or through outsourcing. In case of outsourcing, the system also issues deadlines alerts.

- Emission of labels: bar codes, symbols, adding custom fields, importing data, among others. Direct integration with computer solutions, namely link to manufacturing orders, quantities and other details.

- Warehouse management and picking system: software that allows to manage the warehouse. Fully web / mobile system that allows registering and monitoring all exits and warehouse entries.

The Portuguese company is starting its international activities but is already well established in the Portuguese market. The company is willing to find potential partners in Europe, due to geographic proximity.

The Portuguese company aims to establish a commercial agency agreement and/or a licence agreement with agents or companies with knowledge in the market of manufacturing industry, with know-how in information systems and technologies, in order to represent the software among their markets and/or to apply the software in established companies, in order to improve their systems.

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The company is active in the development of quality and production control solutions and its products are in the market for five years now, being fully tested in different types of companies (sizes, industries and specificities). The company uses PCSoft as its main development tool. These rapid development tools allow to create IT solutions for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Internet / Intranet. The company also develops tools provided by well-known brands, mainly COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) / batch processing language. Experience in data integration with other IT solutions: CAD (computer aided design) / CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) also from well-known brands and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Value proposition: align IT software with technological development to improve processes and profitably sustain business.

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The Portuguese company is looking for an agent to represent its products in manufacturing industries, by establishing a commercial agency agreement. The potential agent must be able to translate (if necessary) the software and provide information on legislation of the specific market so that they can make the necessary legislative changes, so it can be applied to each country. The company is also looking for licensees with know-how in information systems and technologies to establish a licence agreement in order to increase the potential of companies operating in the manufacturing industry (e.g: textile, knitting, footwear and metallurgical).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500