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State of the art algorithm for Computational Geometry

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An Italian company has developed a modular software suite, that executes specific tasks and solves specific problems, from geometrical processing to shape reconstruction, optimized to address a huge number of challenges related to 3D modeling. Company is looking for partners interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance.



The so called “3D Tech World” is one of the fastest growing industry segments. From 3D scanning to 3D printing, passing through 3D modeling, a large number of activities require interaction with virtual models, spatial relations and computational geometry.
Developing software to carry out typical tasks encountered in this context is very challenging and time consuming, and almost always leads to non-optimal implementations. Relying on solid software libraries, thoroughly tested and built upon most advanced methods, is usually the best choice, resulting in robust, highly mantainable, implementations.

An Italian company developed a solution providing dedicated modules to easily embed a state-of-the-art 3D model viewer inside web pages, compatible with both desktop and mobile terminals and with most common web browsers. The viewer can easily accommodate a large set of standard 3D file formats like STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES, BREP, OFF, PLY and many more. Custom solutions can also be provided. It allows to interact with the scene, performing many typical operations like zoom, pan, rotate, coordinate planes view, element selection to name a few. Meshing module is able to generate optimal surface and volume meshes, according to custom user defined inputs, like size and shape parameters, mesh regularity and smoothness, topological constraints, as well as the discretization accuracy. It can operate on many different input files.
Italian company is interested in starting discussion with potential partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance (customization, personalization, etc.).

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Combination of functions and flexibility include: - In-Browser 3D Model Viewer (including Input Files and User Interaction, Advanced Processing); - Mesh Generation (2D and 3D Surface Mesh Generation, 3D Volume Mesh Generation); - Polygonal Mesh Processing (Surface Mesh Simplification, Hole Filling, Offsetting and Hollowing, Boolean Operations, Deformation and Parametrization); - Point Set Processing (Poisson Surface Reconstruction, Scale-Space Surface Reconstruction); - Spatial Searching and Sorting (Axis-Aligned Bounding-Boxes, Collision Detection); - NURBS CAD Files Processing (Healing and Cleaning).

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Italian company is looking for companies interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance (customization or ad hoc development of projects).